Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coming Soon- Thanksgiving

I would love to write a Thanksgiving post right now, but I really need to head to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow and week. I had an amazing Thanksgiving, and I'm so grateful for my family and friends. Heavenly Father truly blessed me this weekend, and I love Him so much. Hope you all had a good one. I'll be updating soon.
Love ya!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just My Dog

So this weekend while working on my bug collection for Entomology I was watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2. In this season there is a point where Meredith buys/rescues a dog from the pound named Doc. Sadly he only loved Meredith, and she had to give the dog to someone else- who was that someone? McDreamy of course! Anyways, in the episode I was watching Doc had bone cancer and cancer reached his brain. You then see Meredith and Derek putting Doc down. OMG- I forgot all about that part and I was in tears!! I couldn't help but think of my boy. My Baby Huey, who is no longer a Baby but getting up there in age. I miss him tonz right now and just want to go home and see my boy. I found this poem online and it's perfect describing him.


He is my other eyes that can see above the clouds;
my other ears that hear above the winds.
He is the part of me that can reach out into the sea.

He has told me a thousand times over that
I am his reason for being: by the way he
rests against my leg; by the way he thumps
his tail at my smallest smile; by the way he
shows his hurt when I leave without taking him.
(I think it makes him sick with worry when heis not along to care for me.)

When I am wrong, he is delighted to forgive.
When I am angry, he clowns to make me smile.
When I am happy, he is joy unbounded.
When I am a fool, he ignores it.
When I succeed, he brags.
Witout him, I am only another man. With him,
I am all-powerful.

He is loyalty itself.
He has taught me the meaning of devotion.
With him, I know a secret comfort and a
private peace. He has brought me understanding
where before I was ignorant.
His head on my knee can heal my human hurts.
His presence by my side is protection against
my fears of dark and unknown things.
He has promised to wait for me...
henever...wherever--in case I need him.
And I expect I will--as I always have.

He is just my dog.

--- Gene Hill ---

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cowboy For Christmas

Yes I know Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet but hear me out!

Every year on my Mom's side we draw names for Christmas, that way everyone at least gets something. It's usually suppose to be a secret, but with this family it doesn't last long till you find out who has you. This year my Grandma got me, and she always does a really good job! Anyways, I was talking to my Mom last week and she said she needed a Christmas List from me so she can give ideas to my Grandma.

Well the past couple nights I have stayed up to think up a list. Needless to say my interests are pretty pricey. Who would of thought to live the Western Lifestyle it would be pretty pricey. So on my list I have some items from the PBR, new Cowboy Boots, my traditional Stud N Spurs calendar (until I get married), basically anything western/cowboy/cowgirl-ish along with some books and movies as well. I saved the best for last though. At the bottom of my list said:

Reese Cates

Now, if you have been following at all or seen the pictures I post of him (if not, there is one right on the side) you know who he is. If not, he's a PBR rider who actually just won the 2008 Daisy Rookie of the Year! GO REESE! Anyways, Reese is one of the sweetest guys I've seen/meet on the PBR Tour. I pretty much love his guts after reading his blog posts on and meeting him in person. He made my whole day when I asked for his picture and he came around the tables to where I was and put his hand on my back (yeah I was a little excited). Yeah, I want him for Christmas, naturally.

Well I sent my list off in a email to my Mom last night, and after getting home from classes today I got a reply back. Basically my Mom thinks I'm kidding. If you know me at all...I'm totally not kidding here. I would love to find Reese sitting on the couch where my presents from Santa go.

If not Reese, I will settle for another cowboy! If any of you run into one for sale while you go out shopping on Black Friday or any Christmas shopping you know where to send him!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pics

Everyone is use to the usual family portraits and all that jazz. Well, my family doesn't stay up to date on family portraits. In fact, both my parents have a picture of the three kiddos (Theresa, Jeff, and I) that was taken back probably when I was still in Junior High. Needless to say, we have changed a bit.

The three of us got together this past Sunday, and had our pictures taken for our parents. It's their big Christmas present from the kids. Here are 4 photos out of 63 we took. I don't have them all because I need to get the picture CD from Theresa, but I made her email me some.

Meet the Dillon Children!

You have Theresa, who is the oldest and shortest (you'll see) at 23- very girly girl, myself Marie, who is in the middle and tallest at 21- cowgirl, and then my brother Jeff, who is the youngest getting to my height at the wonderful age of 16- and well he's Jeff!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Car Accident

This weekend was eventful for sure, but didn't go as planned. The original plan was to leave Flagstaff at around noon Friday, Staci and Drew's wedding that night, Saturday go to the Zoo, and Sunday spend time with family. Well, most of that changed...

Friday Karisa and I didn't leave the apartment till about the usual time around 1pm. Which was fine, no biggie. Jamie was doing Karisa's make-up to practice for her wedding, and then she did my hair for the wedding I had that evening. I looked so pretty and felt like a princess! I kinda looked like Auroa from Sleeping Beatuy, or Snow White. You kinda had to see it. Anyways, Karisa and I were headed down the usual way and the trip was going really fast. I was telling her my long story about a certain friend so time passed quickly while we were enjoying each other's company. We get into the Phoenix area, on the I-17 still and right across from Sky Harbor Airport when it happened.

All I remember was talking to Karisa when the black car in front of us stopped suddenly. As a natural reaction I yelled "KARISA!!" cause she was driving, and she slammed on her brakes. Unfortunately, they didn't work quick enough or not at all and we slammed into the car in front us going probably about 45-50mph still. I just remember yelling her name, turning my head, then I blacked out and came to conciseness sitting in a car filled with toxic smoke from the airbags going off. My first instinct was to get out cause the smoke was horrible and I couldn't breath, so I went to open my door but of course I was opening it into another lane were traffic was going so I was stuck inside. I was coughing and told Karisa I couldn't breath, so she got out and I had to work my way out the drivers side. When I got out I began to cough, and my chest was killing me to the point where I was having a hard time breathing. Karisa's hand and face was burned by the airbag hitting her but other than that she seemed okay.

The car in front us turned out to be an undercover cop with his trainee on duty. Luckily they got out and they said they were fine, the girl's (passenger) neck hurt some but otherwise they were fine. Then the witness was actually an EMT on his day off, who was on his motorcycle. He was very nice and was making sure Karisa and I were okay. He told us to sit down, checked our pulses real quick, and then was trying to make conversation with us to make sure we were alright. The cop then took things from there calling other officers, firetruck, and ambulance. We drew a crowd that was for sure. We had six cop cars easily, the firetruck, and ambulance.

I have to say though, with all the attention no one would really talk to us. They wouldn't tell us what was going on, etc. They kept talking to the undercover cop. Luckily, this other undercover cop lady who came to the scene stuck around with us to make sure we were okay. She asked if she needed to get us anything, wanted to know if we were told anything, etc. She was the one that actually told us we hit an undercover cop- we originally thought he was just off for the day. The firemen that also were at the scene, weren't that nice either. Yes, a couple were hot, but the guy that talked to us was pretty rude. Karisa was doing fine, but I was having a hard time breathing and my chest killed. All he did was ask my age, asked if I had heart problems, and then was like "You are 21, you will survive" and then walked away. Kinda pissed me off. He didn't bother to check me out like take a pulse and different things. They didn't make sure I was okay until I finally complained to the officer that I was hurting and I wanted to make sure I didn't need to go to the hospital. Unlike the undercover cops we hit, they tested them with everything, and even took them to the hospital even though they said they were okay.

After the cops were all done with things Karisa and I were told we could go home. Karisa in the end was just burned on her hand pretty bad and little on her face. I on the other hand have burns on my arm and head, seat belt burn on my neck/chest, and my chest is all kind of colors from bruises.

I would of taken pictures but we were both in shock and that was the last thing on my mind. Though here's an idea of what Karisa's car looked like, but the front was still more damaged then this one I found. Plus, I can't really take pictures of my injuries for reasons.

After the accident which occurred at around 3pm, I didn't get home until 5pm and Staci and Drew's reception started at 6. I had to take a quick shower to get the toxins off, and then run to their reception. I think I was still in shock/slight concussion because I was acting a little different than usual.

Saturday, I didn't end up going to the Zoo because I was having hard time breathing and was hurting bad in my chest area. So needless to say Saturday and Sunday I didn't really do much yet I was still kinda busy running little errands here and there.

Even though I got hurt, and still hurt pretty bad, I'm glad I was with Karisa. I couldn't imagine what would of happen if I wasn't there with her. We both said that we're no longer allowed to travel together anymore because something always happens (first time her tire blew, then the accident, and on the way up my Dad's truck overheated so we had to turn around and switch cars before heading back up again), but we both know we're going to travel together more anyways.

I'm so glad that Heavenly Father has blessed me by protecting me and Karisa. I know we are pain, but things could of been much worse and I know he was protecting us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!

Howdy!! Well it's been a couple weeks since I last posted, so how about an update! This past weekend I had the opportunity to go home since my roomie Karisa was going down and I didn't want her to go by herself. The weekend was lots of fun and something I needed. -A Break! All the fun began Friday...

I got home about 4 o'clock and right before my Mom arrived. Once my Mom got home we decided to go grab something to eat (b/c I hadn't eaten all day) before going to the Mt. View football game. I talked her into going to Sonic because I haven't had it in forever, and it was SO good. :) We had a good time at Sonic sharing funny stories and laughing at each other. Afterwards we still had an hour till the game started so we went to her classroom to get some things for Theresa's photo shoot (she won a Halloween costume contest) and a couple other things. Needless to say, I found my costume when we went. I was in a hyper/silly mood and my Mom has this thing for her students when teaching about the body. Basically it's mini blow up body parts, so for the brain you were this head band with the brain on it, then there was like a thing you put over your shirt that had the rest of the body parts. It was pretty much AMAZING and screamed "MARIE". Sadly, I forget to get a picture of it. I do on my phone, so if you see me ask to see it! After we were doing being goofy at her classroom we went to visit my Grandparents for a little and then off to the game.

The football game was good, yet kinda boring. Mt. View was creaming Red Mt. so my Mom and I decided to leave at the beginning of the the fourth quarter. Though I did see a family friend at the game and had a blast catching up with her. She was telling me about this cool country-line-dancing bar up here at NAU that Karisa and I are going to check out (for dancing, not drinking). After the game I got to hang out with my best friends Dan and Jill! :) The three of us went to Applebee's (and yes I was still in full costume, it rocked) and it was like old times. We had fun sharing updates about each other, telling family stories, and of course the usual funny and unforgettable moments. I heart those two!

Saturday morning my Mom woke me up and asked what I wanted for breakfast, so I had my favorite Chocolate Chip Pancakes! YUMMY!! When we were done I got in the shower, dressed for the day and we went to Bed Bath & Beyond. We got me an electric blanket and wedding gifts for friends. It was pretty funny when the lady there thought it was my wedding and wondered why I was registering a week before. Haha. That afternoon I got to go with Dan's sister Lacey, Jill, and Sis. Bienz to get Lacey's ears periced. It was exciting and reminded me of when I got mine done...except I was a Junior in High school and didn't get the whole lunch and thing with it. Haha. Afterwards I played a couple games of wiffleball with the boys, and went home for dinner. Mom made homemade Chinese food. It was awesome! At around 9:30 I went back over to the Bienz to play games the rest of the night.

Sunday was an interesting day. Haha, I was suppose to go to the Zoo but that didn't work out. Well more like my Mom thought it was too crowded and turned around. Then we were going to go somewhere else but it was closed. Needless to say I missed Stake Conference just to ride around and end up going home to play cards. Though, I can't complain too much I got to spend time with my family.

This weekend was lots of fun, and I'm so glad I got to go home. I honestly didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay home and continue having fun with my family, and hanging out with my best friends. Im so glad I have friends like Dan and Jill in my life. I don't know what I would do without them. They're amazing, and I always have fun with them- plus they don't mind my randomness. Haha. Before I came up Jill gave me the coolest present ever!!! It's this awesome sports bag that the PBR and NRL riders use!! It has a special place just for your boots, plus huge to fit the other gear and things in. I LOVE IT!!!

Now for an update on this week so far. It's been a stressful and tiring week, that's for sure. I have this research paper due in Entomology Friday and it's driving me crazy! It's based off our collections from a field trip we did and needless to say our TA sucked at explaining it. No one really knows what they are doing, which makes this paper hard. We got a good portion or well the hard part done last night and now it's all up to me to finish it. Woohoo!! I get to explain our results and I also had a PreCal test today which was awful. I had no idea what to do and there were problems we never did before in class, it was annoying. Though, there is some good news! For example, I started a new class! That's right, I started a new class all about these little guys..

Aren't they cute!?! Oh man, I already like this class. It's with my professor I had for Animal Behaviors and I loved him! We watched a movie which was an introduction to the 5 week course, and man it was a tear jerker. These creatures really mean no harm, and actually really important to the environment. Though they are almost extinct, and people continue to hunt and kill them...yeah that wasn't fun to watch. Yes it's true, they do explode when you shoot them. I saw it myself like 20 times.

I also got to have dinner last night with my cousin Scott before getting together for Entomology paper. It was lots of fun and I had a really good French Dip! Im really glad I have Scott up here because he can help me escape from the apartment and have fun. He showed me what my cousins Brad and Greg were for Halloween and I have to share! Haha. They are awesome!!! Needless to say they won best couple that night. I also got to see a picture of Madison (Brad's little girl), and she makes the cutest devil!! What do you think?

Before I go, I almost forgot to add that on Monday I had the chance to go to my Bishop's house with Karisa to watch the new Emma Smith Story movie. Oh man, it was SO amazing and a tear jerker as well. I can't imagine what all she went through, along with her and Joseph as a couple/family. I just hope and wish one day I can find a man just like Joseph and we can have a relationship like him and Emma did.

ALSO- WOW ALMOST COMPLETELY FORGOT!!! The PBR World Finals have been exciting!! I'm so bummed and mad I don't get to be there, but hopefully I can watch the last round on TV this Sunday. I have to say, Im so proud and happy for Reese Cates!! He's in 6th place right now (awesome for a rookie), and tied for 2nd place in Round 3 with Justin McBride with a 90.5 ride. GO REESE!!

Alright, now Im going! Haha. Keep Hanging On!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend was probably one of the best weekends I've ever had at NAU! All the fun began on Friday around 6pm. :)

Friday night Steph and I both didn't have plans, so we decided to hang out and watch a movie. My roomie Karisa joined us as well. The three of us walked over to Hastings and rented "Iron Man" and "What Happens In Vegas". Steph and I then grabbed dinner at Carls Jr., and we all went back to the apartment to watch "Iron Man". After the movie was over I convinced Steph to sleep over, and the three of us (Karisa, Steph, and Me)decided to make sugar cookies! Haha. That was lots of fun. We had fun deciding what some of the cookie cutters where since we had no idea what they were suppose to be. Haha. After cookies we watched Grey's Anatomy.- I got Karisa hooked on it now. Hehe, go me! It was around 1 o'clock then and we decided we needed sleep for the day ahead of us.

Saturday was a school spirited fun filled day! This weekend was NAU's Homecoming- which meant a parade, football game and dance! Steph and I decided to attend two out of the three. At around 10:30 Steph, her roomie Courtney and I went to the bookstore so I could buy my first NAU shirt (finally!) to wear to the game, and afterwards we headed downtown to the parade! OMG, the parade was hilarious!! All the floats were made by the dorms, fraternities, sororities, and students. Basically, they were really corny but it was funny. They also had some pretty sweet old cars in it as well- it reminded me of CARS. This one guy loved how Courtney and I got so excited that his Cougar's head lights would appear and disappear that he told us "Check out the tail lights as I drive by". Haha. His head lights moved as well. Needless to say Courtney and I are entertained by the littlest things. When the parade was over (it was short, lasted only 30 minutes) I suggested we all grab a pizza!

The three of us then were walking back and grabbed some pizza from this really small but amazing pizza joint. We shared a medium pepperoni pizza and cheesy garlic bread. It was SO good!! After lunch the three of us walked back to the apartments, and then Steph and I were headed to get her a NAU shirt and off to the football game!

I was so stoked to go to the game, because I was finally going to my university's own athletic event. I wanted to go last year to the basketball games, but my roomies weren't into sports and I don't like going to games by myself. Those of you that know me, I love going to sporting events no matter if they are professional, school, church, or even just some friends getting together to play. I love sports, and after almost two whole semesters at NAU I finally got to go to one!

This weeks game was huge! We were playing Weber State, and we were tied with them for first place in the Big Sky Confernce. Whomever won this game was then determined as number 1. There was a huge crowd because of this. It was great!!

Steph and I sat in the Student Section, and that really is the place to sit. Sure you have some of your drunks and wierdos but it's so much fun. Everyone gets into the game and you all work together to cheer on the team. I had a blast standing up pretty much the whole time, and cheering on our boys! They played really hard, but sadly they were beaten. BUT, before all those start to bash my school I need to explain a few things.

Yes, we lost 14-42 but it would of been a much closer game if it weren't for two things. One- Weber State plays dirty. It reminded me when we (Mt. View) would play Hamilton. It wasn't until the thrid quarter that they finally called an unsportsmen-like conduct on them (which should of happened like 10 more times). Their guys would insist on continuing to fight and rip the ball out of our guy's hands when he was already down and the whistle blew for end of play. The Refs would seriously contiune blowing the whistle in Webers face but they still fought it grab the ball. Or their defense would not get off our players, and would rip at them. Yeah, they were redicilous! Two- the Refs were worse than those in the NBA (that says a lot!). For example, we were about to score a touch down, well deserved, but totally made a bogous call and gave the ball to Weber. Or this other time our guy was already down with the ball, end of play right...yeah Weber stole the ball and started running with it- they called it interception! Yeah...don't get me started. >:(

Even though we lost, the game was a total blast and I'm proud to be a LumberJack! GO JACKS!!

When the game was over I spent the rest of the night with Karisa and her fiance Ivan. They are so cute and lots of fun! :) Then today, I had church and took engagement pictures for the happy couple.

This weekend was another one out the few that made me glad I'm here at NAU. I felt like an actual college student, and had a blast! :)

Alright, that's all for now, keep hanging on!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Day And Worse Day

Ever had one of those days where something really great happens, and you're just on a mega high until all of a sudden something happens and it turns into the worse day? Yep. That was today. Okay, really it wasn't the worse day I've ever had but I mean it was a day where I was hit with news I wasn't prepared for. Let me share.

When I woke up this morning I was not looking forward to Entomology at all. Today was the day we got our 16 page exam back. This exam wasn't just 16 pages of multiple choice, but rather the first 2 pages like that and then the rest essay style questions, along with filling out a blank cladogram of the evolution of the 31 orders. Needless to say it was long and very complex. It was one of the very few test where I felt so drained afterwards that I wanted to pass out.

I was worry free a little bit before coming because Neil (my professor) said if we get an email over the weekend then that's bad. Basically, you bombed and you needed to have a meeting with him to figure out how to pass. The whole weekend I was checking my student email about every 2 hours and no email. I figured "Okay, this is good!"

When class started Neil explained he did have our exams but he decided not to email anyone, so if we bombed we had to email him. Yeah my worry free feeling went away right away. Then he posted every one's scores on the projector (just our scores, not names with them) and I noticed there was a good amount of A's, some B's, C's, but also D's and F's. I was getting more nervous. He began passing back the test and I was one of the last ones to get mine. My classmates I studied with got theirs and had a 106% and a 111%. I felt the pressure. He then handed me mine.

I turned the pages and was trying to see where I lost points, but really trying to get to the final score. I saw a 11 and was like "OH CRAP" but it quickly turned into a 111.4%!!!! HOORAY!! I was so stoked and couldn't help but be so happy, and I was the third highest in the class. My professor said not to get too cocky, cause if you did then you do poorly next test. I figured "Heck, I'll celebrate today, but serious again tomorrow!". I was so happy that I called my Mom, Dad, Jill, and wrote Dan. Haha. I then texted Steph and said we needed to go out to celebrate. We decided to do lunch when she got out of class at 2.

Well it was around 1 so I had a good hour to kill. I then watched Extreme Home Makeover online, and still had a good 20 minutes to spare. I then decided to go check the PBR official website for updates and things since the World Finals are coming up. That was when my day went from a super high to a major low.

The first thing I saw was "Two Time World Champ Announces Retirement" with a picture of Justin McBride. I was shocked!! My first reaction was to yell "WHAT!!!!!" out loud. I then tried to clam down and said to myself "It's okay, maybe he's announcing it now and then this coming up 2009 season is his last." I then read the article and saw that I was wrong. Two weekends from this weekend he is riding his last event ever. This World Finals is his last. I was so upset.

Justin has been my favorite rider and my dream was to see him ride/meet him in person. Last year I missed that chance cause he got injured the first night and my Mom and I went the second night. Then this year he got stepped on by the jaw the event before coming here and stayed home that event. And of course Im not rich and can't go to Vegas in two weeks. I missed my chance meeting and seeing one of my heroes. I also can't see his last ride because we don't have television up here. It hurts.
I might be really upset but I'm happy for him. He is retiring at the top of his game, and I know he really wants to be with his family and move on. Hopefully he'll still be around at some events to visit or commentate, and I know he said he's going to explore the music business further. Plus, it's not like he was my only favorite. There are still so many other riders that I follow/cheer for, and love. I have a couple eyes on some of them and can't wait to see how their future in this sport continues (ie Reese Cates, Kolt Donaldson, etc.).

The PBR and so many are going to miss him but I wish him the best of luck! Justin, you're amazing!!!

After discovering the news I went out to lunch and she helped cheer me back up. Haha. That was my was yours? Haha.

Keep Holding On!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm an ADULT aren't I!?!?!

You know, I love my parents very much. They are the world to me, and I have some of the best parents out there. They make sure I have the things I need, a good life, and love me. But sometimes I feel like I'm still 3 yrs. okay maybe 13 yrs. old.

I just turned 21 this past August, and according to our government/country I'm a legal adult. ADULT! Then why on earth, do I get treated like a little kid all the time!!! I admit sometimes it's needed, but honestly others it's not.

Instead of still asking for permission all the time, I wish I could just be like "Hey, okay I wanted to let you guys know..." but no. I still have to ask for permission whenever I want to go do something. It got better and I can be like "I'm going to go hang with (so and so)" but that was because I told them last minute and they couldn't be like "No".

I'm on my own in a way...let me go a little bit. Let me go have fun with friends that you love and know that I'm in good hands.

Maybe I should of got engaged! No, that would be the wrong reason to. I know my parents are just thinking what's best for me, but sometimes I wish they would kinda let go some more. We'll see what happens. Fingers crossed that they will think about the things I said. :S

Friday, October 17, 2008

Elder Larsen

So today seemed like any other Friday. Well okay, some things were different.
For example, I totally didn't go to my first class at 9:10. No, instead I decided to sleep in because I woke up feeling lousy. -Maybe it's cause I stayed up a little late reading New Moon. Haha. I also had a weird dream where I was married and pregnant...yet I have no idea who my husband was (he was hot though, haha). Twilight Series Update: I'm on the second book New Moon, which I stopped reading for a while because I was so upset after reading Chapter 3. But, school has slowed down a bit and I figured, everyone said it gets better so I better keep chugging along.
Instead of going to class at 9:10, I woke up at 10:30 and got ready to go to my last class of the day, PreCal. Yeah, sick. I hate math, but it's only cause I don't understand it. When I understand it and it's easy to me, then yeah it's kinda fun but when I don't follow and have no idea what's up then it sucks. Today was one of those "What?!" " is that?!" days. Yeah, not fun. I came home all upset and frustrated.

After feeling stressed I decided I needed to go to happy land and watch Grey's Anatomy. Since we don't have cable or any kind of television here I can't watch it on Thursdays (it drives me nuts- I mean this is my show! Besides the PBR), and I normally watch it Fridays when I get home from math on my computer. I love this season so far. I love the stories they have told and where they are going. This weeks episode was hilarious! Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin. Once I was done with Grey's I decided to watch The Office- I'm trying to get all caught up. Sadly, I thought this weeks episode was weak compared to last weeks.

Once I was done escaping to TV land, I decided "Hey, lets take a nap", yeah...that didn't happen. Instead I was just relaxing, called some friends, and then my Mom. Later I had a friend come over to help me with math, which now I understand one section but of course I have no clue about 4 other sections.

Then tonight, I brought up the idea to the apartment to take our roomie Karisa out to dinner to celebrate her getting married. I love Karisa, she is a total sweet heart and I'm so excited for her. Her and I get a long really well because we are both country girls. :) We decided to take her to Chilis since she's never been. It was lots of fun and she had a good time, which was the plan since she's getting a little stressed out over everything.

Once returning home I decided to go check the mail, which basically I'm the only one that does. Normally all my roomies get mail and of course nothing for me. Kinda sucks. Well tonight was a different story. Inside the mailbox single piece of mail. It was a letter, and I figured it was for one of my other roomies until I saw "Marie Dillon". I looked to see who it was from and I flipped out! I finally got to hear from my good buddy Dane Larsen, or well I should say Elder Larsen.

I met Dane at Mt. View in Marching Band and we became Drum Major Companions my senior year along with my buddy James McMullan. I can't tell you how much I love these boys. They were my boys, and I had some of the best times with them. They didn't mind my corkyness and randomness, actually I bet they thought I was ill if I wasn't random every day. One of my favorite things about Dane was he use to die laughing at my impressions. Honestly, I suck at them but he use to find them so funny and I loved to make him laugh in the mornings.

Anyways, I got a letter from Dane tonight and I was super excited. I wrote him once before last semester in April, but I wasn't sure if he ever got it or if when my roomies forgot to check our mail in the summer (which of course got put on hold and then everything returned to sender) if he wrote and it got sent back. Before he left he asked if I would write him through out the mission and I agreed of course (meaning friend writing to another), yet I've been a horrible person and have only written him twice. I know, I'm a horrible friend. Okay, back to the letter.

Dane is doing great! I'm so happy for him. He loves his area and in fact he's been in the same area his whole mission (which I believe he's been out 15 months now) but watch now that I say that he will get transferred. Reading his letter made me miss him so much. He would make comments about my bugs for Entomology and told me a story that would fall under the "classic" and "amazing" category in my books. I got so excited that I heard from him that I called my Mom, and then Dan and Jill. Haha.

Reading his letter reminded me of the many good times we had and made me miss him so much more. I can't wait till he gets home, and I hope we can hang out more then we did before he left. Though of course, I am at NAU so it will be hard. Dan is amazing, just like so many of my other friends.

It's moments like tonight when I get a letter, phone call, email, or something from a good friend that makes me smile. It makes me feel special and reminds me that I'm loved and have touched others. I love my friends; they mean the world to me and I don't know where I would be without them. Thanks you guys!!

Well, this post is a buttload longer than I thought it would be. I hope I didn't bore you, then again I don't know who all reads this. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Mine will be filled with homework, cleaning, New Moon, and sleep. Hooray!

Keep Hanging On...OH and PS the PBR World Finals are less than 15 days away. CrAzY!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's Move Out...

I can't wait for the day when I hear someone say this to me:
"Nobody in the world makes me laugh the way you do. You're my best friend. I just want to be with you."
Granted, I stole that from one of my favorite movies but it's something I can't wait to hear being said to me from someone I find so special and dear.
Yes, I've had one of the sweetest guys I have ever met come into my life but it's best that we are just friends. We still adore one another a bunch, and we're eachother's person but just not the right person.
I don't reget a thing, it was a great learning experince for me and now it's time to continue that journey. Conitune on my path and in hopes to find that right one.
Wyaitt is an amazing guy, and will always be a good friend to me. Heck, we're even going to spend the weekend together riding and all that jazz for his birthday. So things are good.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still a total sucker for cowboys and always will. I hope that I will still find my cowboy. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Boy is All Grown Up!

My baby boy is all grown up!! I'm such a proud Mama!! My baby boy Hunter hatched from his little pupa casing and is now an adult beetle. Hooray! :)

Hunter is very spunky and full of engery! He was having fun crawling around while Mom was changing the other siblings, and found out either she threw away the other pupa case...or it died (fingers crossed its the second one).

Hopefully he'll be able to have some older siblings soon!! I love when these guys are beetles. They are so much fun!! Hunter was having fun crawling on Mom, and he's Aunts were taking his first pictures.

Look at my handsome boy!

Please ignore how awful I look. I'm trying to recover from a cold. Okay well, I would love to update more but I have to go do some Math HW (well try), study some more for my wicked Entomology test coming up, and then sleep...maybe.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Heart Disney!

So, I've been a huge Disney kick lately!! I've been brushing up on some of the old Disney Classics. I remember when I was little they seemed really long, yet when I watch them on youtube its so short!

I love Disney! Walt Disney was a genius and wonderful man!! Im so glad that Disney continues to grow and bring smiles from children to adults! Though, I have to say, the Disney movies today are really good but they just don't have that classic old Disney touch. I don't know though, maybe that's just me.

Any-who, I thought I would post some fun pictures from a couple of my many favorites and list why I as a kid loved it so much!

101 Dalmatians: By far number one favorite! I've always wanted a dalmatian ever since I saw this movie as a little kid. I loved Lucky, Patch, and Rolly when I was little. I remember every time my Aunt Susie would babysit me and my sister while my parents were at Suns game I begged her to let us watch 101 while "going" to sleep. Now a days when I watch it just makes me smile and I love how they make the owners look like the dogs- its so true though! Next time you're out, look at the dog and the owner bet you they look a like in some way!

The Lion King: Who didn't love this movie?! It's one of the few that my Dad took me to when I was little and I remember hearing him laugh out loud as well. When I was small my cousin, sister, and I would act out the movie and of course I always called being simba...even if he was a boy. Hopefully one day I'll get to work the the real stars of this movie. :)

Beauty and the Beast: Another top favorite!! I loved the idea of objects being alive. I use to wonder what it would be like if the things in my house were alive and could talk to me. Plus, Belle is amazing. She's my favorite Disney Princess. When I was little I had the coolest Beauty and the Beast coloring book, which was and still probably my favorite. I have it still... somewhere.

Robin Hood: Yay!! Okay, this is just one of the cutest Disney ever did. Took a classic fairytale and made it fun and lovable. My favorite character by far is the little girl rabbit you see pictured. OMG! "Yeah, mind yo manners!". SO CUTE!!

Mary Poppins: I always wished, and still do, that I can snap and my room would clean up on its own. When I was little my favorite part was this scene where they jumped into the chalk drawing! Even today I have a new love for it because of a fun inside joke with my best friend Dan!

The Arstiocats: I'm not a cat person at all, but I loved this movie. I love the little kittens, and heck yes my name was the little girl kitten! Granted, she was kinda snotty but still. I love the beginning where they are pratcing the piano and painting. My brother used to love this movie because of the dogs, and seriously would wet his pants from laughing so hard at them. Till this day, I don't know what was so funny like he did.

Lady and the Tramp: With this one, I never liked the main character as much as I loved the neighborhood dogs, and Tramp! Plus, how cute are the puppies at the end?!

Bambi: Oh the wonderful movie that gave us the word 'Twitterpaited!" The movie is really cute, and I love when they were little. Best scene: "Say bird!" "Say bird!" "BIRD!!!" 'Bird, bird, bird, bird!"

The Little Mermaid: What girl did not love this movie?! Im still jealous that she got to marry Prince Eric..he's HOT! Seriously, I think he's the best looking prince out of all them. I love this scene. I wouldn't mind if it happened to me...(someone tell Wyaitt!).

Dumbo: Honestly, I haven't seen this one is so long but it's on my list of next to watch! When I was little elephants use to be my favorite animal. I blame this guy- how adorable is he?! Plus he could fly...I want a flying elephant!!

Like I said, those are only a few out of my many favorites!! Not only am I on a Disney movie kick but I've been dying to go back to Disneyland. I haven't been since 7th grade, and back then they were just, just starting the building of the California Adventure Park. I was suppose to go last Oct. but never did.

Anyone want to go on a Road Trip?! Im all in!!

Alright, it's late and I have class in like 7 hours. Crap! Keep hanging on!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I got some exciting news for y'all. I wasn't quite ready for the responsibilities that were suddenly put on me this Wednesday, but I stepped up to the challenge. I'm proud to say that I have cute tiny buckaroos of my own!!
That is right. I have become a proud mother of some of most adorable kids you'll ever see.

Presenting... Buckaroo #1: Hopper, Buckaroo #2: Jiminy, Buckaroo # 3: Herbert, Buckaroo # 4: Little C, and Miss Buckaroo #5: Melody.

Oh but that is not all....I'm also the proud mother of ...

Presenting...well okay, they're all hidden except for Little Hunter, but my other 6 (including Hunter) look like this!

As you can see, my first set of kiddos are none other than the domestic house crickets we always see in our homes, schools, offices, etc. The next set is mealworms that will grow into cute little black and red beetles!

Before you all think I have lost my mind, hear me out!

On Wednesday in my Entomology Lab we found out that we would be rearing (raising) our own insects. We had the choices between crickets, milkweed bugs (another beetle type), liver flies (yeah this was a no b/c I would have to feed them raw liver until Nov. 19th and the liver already smelt horrible), fruit flies (another no, if they got out I wouldn't hear the end of it from the roomies), or yellow mealworm beetles (the kind Hunter and his bro/sis are).

The idea was not to make us freaks, though it doesn't help our cause any b/c once people hear we are in this class we're classified as weirdos, but to see the life cycle of an insect. I'm suppose to try and raise these little guys who are all babies (except Melody, she's an adult female cricket), once mature get them to mate, and then try and raise the new generation of little ones. This class gets better and better! Haha.

I've already had an interesting time with my new children. Sadly, I lost one of my cricket babies the first night after lab. He didn't survive the shock I guess. I've also had an escape attempt by Hopper while I was trying to give them water last night. The little turd bucket jumped out and almost went down the sink!! No worries though, being the wonderful mother I am, I got him just in time and put him safely in his bed.

My crickets are very spunky! Luckily my boys haven't matured enough yet to start chirping. Though when that starts I'm sure I'll hear about it from the roomies upstairs. As for my beetles, they got their mother's laziness. They sleep and I hardly ever see them move, but they're so cute so I don't mind. Makes it easier on me! One of them actually went into the pupal stage and I should have an adult here in the next week! Kids sure do grow up fast!!

Who knew I would become a Mom so quickly?! I told Wyaitt (my boyfriend) about the new kiddos and his response was "This is the happiest day of my life! I'm the proud father of six legged children, and don't have to change diapers! Let's have more!"

Other than that I don't really have that much to update on. Oh! I did find out that I got a 92% on my Folklore Exam (which I had 30 mintues to take a essay form exam- stupid bus!), and an 84% on my Chemistry! Hooray!!

Also, if anyone cares, I'll be in town this coming up weekend! Oct. 3rd- 5th! I'm excited to see my family and maybe get to see some of you.

Alright well, I have to go tuck the kiddos in and read them their favorite story.- The Hungry Caterpillar!

Keep Hanging On Till Next Time!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life Is Just K-R-A-Z-Y!

Howdy Everyone!! Man, time sure does fly...even if you're not having fun. Haha. Things have been so krazy since school started back up. Let's fill you in on what I've been doing lately, shall we? :)

(My roomie Jamie did my hair- It looked so cute!!!)

As most know I have started my second semester at NAU this fall. Last semester was so much fun because I had interesting classes that mostly related to animals in some way. Now, yeah not so much. This semester my classes are subject areas that are not my best. *Cough*Chemistry*Cough*Math* Oh sorry, I must be getting a cold or something. Haha.

Though, I do have one interesting class- Entomology. Entomology is the big fancy scientific word of BUGS!! I know, I know, Im a freak! Haha. Actually, I blame my Mom for my interest and somewhat fascination with bugs. I've always been the one to pick up a cricket, roach, or spider to take it outside when others scream. For this class I must collect 100 different species of insects for an insect collection (so yes, one of those like collection boxes filled with dead pinned insects) which also has to have 15 out of the 28 orders of insects represented. At first I thought it was going to be hard to get a 100, but really it's the whole 15 order thing.

Collecting has been lots of fun though. The first couple of weekends I went out with my cousin collecting some. We had fun and would often find ourselves with a angry bee trapped in my net and wondering how in the heck we were going to get it in my pill bottle without getting stung. -Oh man, good times. I've also got my some of my roomies and neighbors into the whole bug collecting too. We'll get knocks on the door where someone has a bug in a cup or telling me where they saw one. Even though my roomies say they dont mind, I bet they hate having all these bugs in the freezer. -But hey, its for a class not for my own pleasure!

(My collection after camping--read below)
I've also gone on some neat trips with this class. A couple weekends ago I went camping with most of my classmates, professor, and some of his undergrad employees to Walnut Creek. It was lots of fun and a total college experience! One of the undergrad employees, Ryan, was really funny and pretty cool to hang out with. Needless to say, he loves to drink. He got pretty tipsy the first night and was pretty entertaining. For example, we were on a scorpion walk and of course was having no luck. Well we saw a light in the distance and Ryan thought it was a car, but we ensured him it wasn't moving so he turned to us and said "On ward, to the green light!". We walked almost 30 minutes to reach what was a green light on top of a watering device. Haha. The next night he got so drunk. I honestly, don't believe in drinking unless it's Dr. Pepper or something but I don't mind if others do. I mean, it's their choice let them do whatever. He was so funny that night though. My sides would hurt at times from his random comments, and when it was getting out of hand I left to my tent to turn in for the night. The trip wasn't all drinking though, we did collect bugs mostly and I got some pretty interesting ones. I found a preyingmantist on the back of my classmates chair when she got up from eating breakfast, haha it was awesome! I also found out how my Professor truly knew he was meant to be an Entomologist- though if you want to should probably ask me later. Haha. When we were returning home I was in Ryan's car (I rode down with him too) and we stopped in a little town where the movie CARS was based off of for a burger. It was fun.

(The Barn "Research Center" at Walnut Creek)

Besides school, I really haven't done much. My life pretty much gets sucked into studies and when Im not in class or studying Im napping. Haha. You're probably thinking "Lazy Bum!" but I would have to disagree. This semester takes a lot out of me. I was hoping that this semester would be easier on the homesickness front, but it's not. Last semester I missed my friends to death, which I still do miss them a lot, but Im really missing my family this semester. I miss having someone be there pushing me, telling me I can do it, Jeff to have movie quote wars with, and my parents. I love my parents so much. My Mom and Dad are amazing, and I wished I could be a better daughter for them. Sometimes I feel like I don't do enough, that I don't make them proud but cause stress.

(My Family- Jeff, Theresa, Mom, Me,Dad for my 21st at the DBacks Game!)

I do have some other fun little news before I rap this post up though. (Sorry, I didnt realize this would be so long! This is what happens when I'm not good at keeping this up to date.) This probably isn't exciting to most, but it makes me happy! Haha.

-I bought Made of Honor yesterday!! Hooray!! GREAT MOVIE! I got it for $17.99-go me!

-I know Im slow but, I have finally started reading the Twilight Series. Granted, Im only on the first book but Im doing better this time then my first attempt. My first attempt I only read Chapter one. I picked it back up, and I read like 6 chapters in one weekend which is awesome for me since Im not a reader and slow at it as well. Im currently about to begin Chapter 10- so no one tell me anything!!

-One of my favorite PBR riders, Reese Cates (who if you look in the previous post I have a picture with) did amazing this past weekend! He got second overall in the event which is AMAZING for a 19 year old rookie- well okay this is his second year but he's still a young rookie. He's so awesome! I love this cowboy to death- he has a great attitude and personality!

(Reese- my picture at the Glendale Event '08)

-I got to talk to one of my best friends- LEANNE today!!! Oh man, that made my whole day!! I haven't talked to her or Jonathan in so long. I miss them to death!! Sometimes Im just tempted to pick up and move to where they are. Haha. LeAnne and Jonathan are so amazing. They're a huge inspiration to me and always make me feel special. Hopefully I'll get to see them again soon. :)

(Yay! LeAnne and Jonathan!)

Alright, believe it or not I think that's about it for now. Haha. I apologize for long posts. I wonder if anyone really reads this? Haha. I'll try and be better at updating and maybe then these wont be so long.

Keep Hangin' On!!