Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life Is Just K-R-A-Z-Y!

Howdy Everyone!! Man, time sure does fly...even if you're not having fun. Haha. Things have been so krazy since school started back up. Let's fill you in on what I've been doing lately, shall we? :)

(My roomie Jamie did my hair- It looked so cute!!!)

As most know I have started my second semester at NAU this fall. Last semester was so much fun because I had interesting classes that mostly related to animals in some way. Now, yeah not so much. This semester my classes are subject areas that are not my best. *Cough*Chemistry*Cough*Math* Oh sorry, I must be getting a cold or something. Haha.

Though, I do have one interesting class- Entomology. Entomology is the big fancy scientific word of BUGS!! I know, I know, Im a freak! Haha. Actually, I blame my Mom for my interest and somewhat fascination with bugs. I've always been the one to pick up a cricket, roach, or spider to take it outside when others scream. For this class I must collect 100 different species of insects for an insect collection (so yes, one of those like collection boxes filled with dead pinned insects) which also has to have 15 out of the 28 orders of insects represented. At first I thought it was going to be hard to get a 100, but really it's the whole 15 order thing.

Collecting has been lots of fun though. The first couple of weekends I went out with my cousin collecting some. We had fun and would often find ourselves with a angry bee trapped in my net and wondering how in the heck we were going to get it in my pill bottle without getting stung. -Oh man, good times. I've also got my some of my roomies and neighbors into the whole bug collecting too. We'll get knocks on the door where someone has a bug in a cup or telling me where they saw one. Even though my roomies say they dont mind, I bet they hate having all these bugs in the freezer. -But hey, its for a class not for my own pleasure!

(My collection after camping--read below)
I've also gone on some neat trips with this class. A couple weekends ago I went camping with most of my classmates, professor, and some of his undergrad employees to Walnut Creek. It was lots of fun and a total college experience! One of the undergrad employees, Ryan, was really funny and pretty cool to hang out with. Needless to say, he loves to drink. He got pretty tipsy the first night and was pretty entertaining. For example, we were on a scorpion walk and of course was having no luck. Well we saw a light in the distance and Ryan thought it was a car, but we ensured him it wasn't moving so he turned to us and said "On ward, to the green light!". We walked almost 30 minutes to reach what was a green light on top of a watering device. Haha. The next night he got so drunk. I honestly, don't believe in drinking unless it's Dr. Pepper or something but I don't mind if others do. I mean, it's their choice let them do whatever. He was so funny that night though. My sides would hurt at times from his random comments, and when it was getting out of hand I left to my tent to turn in for the night. The trip wasn't all drinking though, we did collect bugs mostly and I got some pretty interesting ones. I found a preyingmantist on the back of my classmates chair when she got up from eating breakfast, haha it was awesome! I also found out how my Professor truly knew he was meant to be an Entomologist- though if you want to should probably ask me later. Haha. When we were returning home I was in Ryan's car (I rode down with him too) and we stopped in a little town where the movie CARS was based off of for a burger. It was fun.

(The Barn "Research Center" at Walnut Creek)

Besides school, I really haven't done much. My life pretty much gets sucked into studies and when Im not in class or studying Im napping. Haha. You're probably thinking "Lazy Bum!" but I would have to disagree. This semester takes a lot out of me. I was hoping that this semester would be easier on the homesickness front, but it's not. Last semester I missed my friends to death, which I still do miss them a lot, but Im really missing my family this semester. I miss having someone be there pushing me, telling me I can do it, Jeff to have movie quote wars with, and my parents. I love my parents so much. My Mom and Dad are amazing, and I wished I could be a better daughter for them. Sometimes I feel like I don't do enough, that I don't make them proud but cause stress.

(My Family- Jeff, Theresa, Mom, Me,Dad for my 21st at the DBacks Game!)

I do have some other fun little news before I rap this post up though. (Sorry, I didnt realize this would be so long! This is what happens when I'm not good at keeping this up to date.) This probably isn't exciting to most, but it makes me happy! Haha.

-I bought Made of Honor yesterday!! Hooray!! GREAT MOVIE! I got it for $17.99-go me!

-I know Im slow but, I have finally started reading the Twilight Series. Granted, Im only on the first book but Im doing better this time then my first attempt. My first attempt I only read Chapter one. I picked it back up, and I read like 6 chapters in one weekend which is awesome for me since Im not a reader and slow at it as well. Im currently about to begin Chapter 10- so no one tell me anything!!

-One of my favorite PBR riders, Reese Cates (who if you look in the previous post I have a picture with) did amazing this past weekend! He got second overall in the event which is AMAZING for a 19 year old rookie- well okay this is his second year but he's still a young rookie. He's so awesome! I love this cowboy to death- he has a great attitude and personality!

(Reese- my picture at the Glendale Event '08)

-I got to talk to one of my best friends- LEANNE today!!! Oh man, that made my whole day!! I haven't talked to her or Jonathan in so long. I miss them to death!! Sometimes Im just tempted to pick up and move to where they are. Haha. LeAnne and Jonathan are so amazing. They're a huge inspiration to me and always make me feel special. Hopefully I'll get to see them again soon. :)

(Yay! LeAnne and Jonathan!)

Alright, believe it or not I think that's about it for now. Haha. I apologize for long posts. I wonder if anyone really reads this? Haha. I'll try and be better at updating and maybe then these wont be so long.

Keep Hangin' On!!

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