Monday, July 28, 2008

Taylor 4th of July Rodeo

Sorry it took me so long to post this from the last one! On Saturday night, July 5th I went to the famous Taylor 4th of July Rodeo!! Hooray!! Ever since I was small, my Grandpa would take me, my siblings, my cousin Scott, and my Mom to the Rodeo. It was always such a big event to us that we would always fight over who got which old boots of my Grandpa's and which cowboy hat of his. Then hours before we would leave you could find us dressed up in boots and hats way too big with my Grandpa's rope practicing our roping skills on that wicked fast fence post. Haha.

Well ever since then, I have tried to keep the tradition alive and go every year. For a while I wasn't able to go for a span of 3 years because of being in Europe or something else. Two years ago I was able to take Jill which was a total blast. This year it was my Mom and I that went. I got all decked out and looking good in my hat, boots, and buckle- go me, and before it started we caught dinner at Trappers. Which is a must. We got to the rodeo grounds about an hour before it started and already there were lots of seats saved. It ended up being a huge turn out with between 4,500-6,500 people. Before the rodeo started I walked around and got to take some pictures.

These were two little buckaroos that I had to take their picture!

This is my Mom and me in the big stands where we sat. I know, we look a lot alike.

Even the Elders came out to enjoy the rodeo!

This is the famous shooting of the anvil. (Ask Jill the story about this from two years ago)

Shortly after the anvil was shot, the Rodeo began. It was amazing. There was the Bare Back Riding, Calf Roping, Barrel Racing, Saddle Bronc Riding, and then my favorite Bull Riding!! It was a really neat one to go to this year. No one was able to stay on the bulls so the stock contactor got all the money, and then the fastest time for the calf roping was like 8.6 seconds (it was insane), and of course lots of cowboys to look at!! :D

Which, I should also mention if you didn't know. Taylor is famous for being home to many world champs and one being a PBR World Champ Cody Hancock. After the rodeo, there was dancing and to my luck I was asked to dance by a very cute and gentlemen bull rider. But that's another story for another time!

Keep Hanging On!

Monday, July 21, 2008

4th of July Fun!

So for the 4th of July I was able to go to my cabin in Show Low, Az. I love the White Mountains and have been going up there ever since I could remember. My Grandparents use to live up there but sold their amazing house a couple years ago. Im glad that we kept the cabin though and can still go from time to time. I left Thursday afternoon and came back early Sunday evening. It was an amazing weekend!
For the actual 4th I was able to talk my Mom into going to Greer. It's a little town just past Sunrise about 15 min. It's so beautiful there and has a creek that I grew up playing and hiking in. Every time I go back now I decide I want to take my Honeymoon there. It's a cute simple little place to go and you don't have to spend too much money. While I was at the creek I was able to hike and have fun with my dog, Huey.

(Isn't it pretty!?!)
(Huey and Me- I love his expression!) (I love it!)
(Hiking down the creek!)

Later that night we went to the local Show Low High School for fireworks. It was so much fun. They had a really good country band playing before hand and the fireworks were wonderful. Funny story was, that right before the fireworks started we had the sprinklers turned on us. Haha. I didn't mind, but my Mom was a little cold afterwards.

The next morning I was extremely excited because that meant it was Saturday July 5th. Which meant that evening was the Taylor 4th of July Rodeo!!! Heck yes!! Anyone that knows me, this is huge. Im a country girl that was raised in the city and can't help but love my cowboys and rodeos! Though earlier that morning I went with my Mom to an art festival at a place called Charlie Clarks. My Mom wanted to show me around and thought it would be a cute place for a wedding reception for me- and no Im not getting married anytime soon. She was right though, it's very cute and I'll keep it in mind. But I thought you guys might like to see for yourselves...

When we got home I was able to rest and then get ready for the evening!! Bring on the Taylor Rodeo. But...because Im cruel, actually no Im really tired, Im going to stop there. Besides the Taylor Rodeo deserves it's own post.

Im off to bed, keep hanging on!!