Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Perfect Man...

Has anyone ever wondered if the "perfect man" is out there? I'm serious.
I know that there has only been one perfect being on earth and he was a man. But are there any out there that come close?
Most of my friends are married, so I know they found the "perfect man". I look at them and always wondered how did they know their husband was the "perfect man". Did they come up with a list of requirements and he met all of them? Or did he take them by surprise and was nothing like who they thought they would marry?
I've always been told that you meet that special someone when you aren't looking. Which I do believe, it's just hard for me to do. I feel this pressure that I should find this "perfect man" and be with him right now, and I'm not.
For example, I was at an Enrichment night and asked if there were any guys I had an interest in. Naturally there is, but he and I have spoken a whole 2 minutes. He came over to give me a blessing one time, and of course I was in my pjs, hair not done and up in a messy pony tail, and no make up. I doubt he even remembers my name. I see him at church every Sunday and around the apartment complex sometimes and wonder what it would be like to go on a date with him.
I'm one of those that doesn't make the first move, and very shy when it comes to talking to someone I have an interest in. I guess to me I always felt like the guy should ask the girl on a date not how it is today where the girl does. It's not our and shouldn't be our responsibility.
So tell me, how did you find your "perfect man" or if you haven't what do you consider the "perfect man"?
As for myself, this is what I see my "perfect man" to be:
-Priesthood Holder and strong in his faith.
-Loves his family.
-Temple worthy.
-Loves me for who I am and what I stand for.
-Good Listener
-My Best Friend
-Always be there for me, no matter what.
-No matter where he is in the world, he would much rather be with me.
-Has a sense of humor or at least can make me laugh and smile when I'm down.
-Doesn't mind me being a hypochondriac/worry wart about everything, but plays along with it.
-Doesn't mind listening to me talk about the PBR and at least be willing to go to events and rodeos.
If any of you know this person who doesn't mind a country girl, let me know or work your magic.
At times like this I like to blast Michael Buble's song "Haven't Met You Yet", and it helps to give me hope that my "perfect man" is out there right now thinking about me and wondering when he'll meet his "perfect woman".
I don't really know if anyone reads this, but if you have any input you are willing to share, I'm all ears.
Right now the "perfect man" is just a picture on my wall but hopefully he'll be real someday soon.
Keep hanging on, because I know I'm not ready to let go yet.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Well this Thanksgiving Break was very busy, but amazing! I had a great time with family and catching up with friends. :)

Here is my family on Thanksgiving. I made them take a picture because we haven't had a family photo together for a while. It took sometime to get a good picture b/c Mom either closed her eyes or Jeff and Dad wouldn't smile.

I love my family- they are a great blessing in my life.

Friday I got to go Black Friday Shopping for the second year with Jill! It was a fun adventure because this year we went shopping down in Tucson. I got lots of good stuff, mostly from Kohls. I would have pictures but its all kinda down in the valley. Although here is a picture of me in my new hat (I'm a hat girl. :) ) and Jill looking at the ads.

I got lots of new clothes- exciting news was none of them were XL, yay!! :) I also was able to get some cute stuff for my Christmas collection. I decided after seeing Jill's amazing Christmas collections that I was going to start my own. I have started collecting western ornaments for a western tree in my future apartment/house (when I'm on my own) and western Santas. I got the cutest Cowboy Santa at Hobby Lobby. Yay!

Saturday I was able to get some new jeans- 3 in total with 2 being Wranglers totaling a whole $27 bucks! Heck ya! Then I took photos for my photography portfolio and hung out with my buddies Cole and Cameron. It was a blast.

Sunday I finally got to relax and enjoy watching the movie "Fred Claus" with my family.

This weekend went way too fast, but I technically only have like six days of actual classes left so I'll be home soon, and this time for a month. :)

Sorry for the short update, but I got get going on studies and my portfolio.

Keep Hanging On!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hobbies (Crafts) and Update

Howdy Folks!

Well for this blog post I wanted to share a quick update and also my latest hobbies/crafty/artistic side. :)

Things are going better each day since surgery. Today marks two weeks since the surgery. Tuesday I was finally able to take off the bandages. They are healing well except the one where my Jackson Pratt Drain was. There's still a hole and it hurts. Also my skin is very ripped up and irritated from the tape of the bandages. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon. Here's a picture of after I took off the bandages (it's not gross):

As you can see nothing too bad. I doubt I'll even be able to tell I have scars.

Now for better things to talk about!!!

Ever since I was little I always liked doing art and craft projects. I remember I was enrolled in an after school craft class in elementary. Well in junior high and high school I really wasn't able to be as crafty because of being busy with sports or marching band.

My main two hobbies are: Photography and Scrapbooking. Well after today I was able to add a third! I now know how to Cross Stitch! Yes I know it's not hard, but still. Today I was telling my roomie that I was sick of watching movies and wanted to do something. I still have to take it easy so I can't hike, work out, etc like I want so I'm kinda limited on activities. I told her I wish I had my scrapbook stuff b/c I could of finished so many pages. Well she came out and showed me her talent of cross stitching/embroidery. She said it was very easy, fun, and best of all-cheap! So the two of us went to Joann's and picked me up a couple patterns.

I decided that since I already made a calendar for each of my parents with my photo work (more about that in a bit) that I would cross stitch a towel/table cloth type thing for my grandma. Tonight I was able to finish the first corner. I worked on it from 4:30 this afternoon to about 11:30pm. -Yeah, I know I don't have a life. Here's what the first corner looks like:

You can't really tell from the picture but its a raccoon- he's gray and black with blue eyes. :)

Personally, I think he turned out pretty cute.

Now as for my other two hobbies, this past year I've really been able to work on them and get better. Over the summer is when I really worked on my scrapbooking. I discovered new ways to make the pages more exciting by using ribbon, cut outs, jewels and other things. Before I just used stickers and the pictures. I think my pages are now more fun to look at. My biggest project is my PBR Scrapbook. Here are a few pages from it:

As for my Photography, I've improved immensely I think. I owe that to my photography class and photography professor. This semester I decided to have a fun class and I always love taking pictures so I figured photography was the way to go. I love this class! I have learned so much to improve my photography. I've discovered that my strongest point is scenics. Here are some of my favorites that I took this semester:

I can't wait for the Winter Break so I can go shopping at Hobby Lobby and get more stuff to expand my hobbies. I want a relaxing break where I can just enjoy myself and what I like to do, and scrapbooking, photography, and cross stitching will be included in that.

I wonder what else I can learn to do?!

I hope you enjoyed this post- it was a little different for a change. :)

Keep Holding On!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sorry For The Hold Up!

Howdy Folks!
Sorry for the hold up, and not updating for a very, very, long time! Then again, I don't think anyone really reads this. But oh well.

Quick Update:

This past summer I was busy working two jobs. In the mornings from about 6am til about 11:30 am I worked at the Holiday Hound House (Dog Kennel). I love that place. There's just something about dogs that can really make your day. The best day was when we had a family of 10, yes I said 10, Mastiffs!!! Omg, I was in love!! My other job was back at Client Focus from 1pm til 7pm. It was really long, tiring, and back with a boss that seemed to hate my guts. Though I did get to meet some neat new people that made me stay sane.

I'm back at NAU. I swear, will I ever graduate? Actually...if everything plays out right, meaning I pass all my classes and get the classes I need, I should graduate a year from this Dec! Woohoo!! Yes I know I am way beyond all my friends, but slow and steady still wins the race. Plus with the economy right now, I'm not in the biggest rush. Plus, I'll still have another year til I'll probably have a job at a Zoo. I wanted to get my certification as a Vet Asst. after graduation. I found an amazing program that I can do from home and they set you up with a job right afterwards. I figured this will add an extra twist to my resume.

Just recently I had to have my first ever surgery and it was to get my gallbladder removed. For the past months have had the worst attacks late at night. I would wake up with my chest hurting so it was hard to breath, my back and shoulders killed, and my stomach felt like it was expanding and going to explode! At first we thought it was because of a medication that I was switched on, but then it happened again one night after I got my old meds back. Two nights later I went to the ER because I still hurt from the recent attack.

The Flagstaff hospital really is amazing. I went into the ER at about 10:30pm and was in a room at 11pm. I had great nurses and the ER doctor was nice. We took an ultra sound and we saw a couple stones. The following day I was set up for a more detailed ultra sound to look at my gallbladder and then a meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday.

My Dad came up Monday night so he could go with me to meet the surgeon. My surgeon was Dr. Huang and he was really nice! He seemed very experience and was really great about answering all my questions. He said it was best to get my gallbladder out because I'm young and healthy. We met with his nurse Tony and my surgery was set up for that Friday!

Thursday night my Mom came up so she could be here with me and take care of me afterwards. The surgery was out patient so I was able to be home Friday afternoon. Surprisingly, I was actually pretty calm the night before and the morning of the surgery. And this is ME we are talking about!! Of course that all changed once we got to the hospital. But I had amazing nurses that helped to prep me and then Dr. Huang, the anesthesiologist, and head nurse that were going to be in the OR came to see me and told me everything that would happen and answered questions.

My surgery was right on time at 11:30am, all I remember was going in, getting on the table and then they put a mask on me and I heard "We'll see you after the surgery.." and then next thing I know I was waking up to hearing "You're in recovery." "Marie this Dr. Huang, your surgery was a success and I gave your mom some stones." - I asked him if I could keep a couple of them. Haha.

Some of my stones- this is only 1/20th of what was inside me!

I guess I was out by 12:30pm which was really quick. The recovery nurses were great specially nice I was in a lot more pain then I expected to be in. I did good and I was out of the hospital at about 2:30-3pm.

Last weekend it was all just laying down, trying to walk and then a little more distance each day, and emptying my Jackson Pratt Drain. Yeah I had a drain in me that collected fluids that I had to monitor. I had it removed this past Tuesday and I will say right now I do not recommend nor do I ever want to go through that again. My body when into immediate shock. There was like 2 feet of tubing inside of me and when he was pulling it out I swear it felt like all my organs were moving. I wasn't laying down, but sitting up and had no meds to num it.

My bandages and Jackson Pratt Drain

I've been doing well. I kinda did too much this week and my body wasn't scared to tell me. I never knew that it would take so much time and it would hurt so much. But I'm getting better each day. I'm so grateful for everyone that helped me through this and who continue to help support me through this. Tuesday I get to take my bandages off which will be nice cause the tape is driving me nuts.

Other then that not much else is going on with me. Just recovering. Oh and Kody Lostroh won the PBR 2009 World Champ!!! I'm so happy and proud of him!! He's amazing and totally deserved it this year. :)

Kody and I in 2008. He was so nice that he hopped the fence so I could get a picture with him!

Thanks for reading, and keep holding on!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diabetes Free!

Howdy Folks!

I got the best news today when I went to see the Doc for my monthly appointment! I am now diabetes risk free! She was like "Congrats, you have saved yourself from diabetes!". Oh man, it was so nice to hear her say that. Now of course, I need to make sure I continue to lose weight and keep it off but still- YAY! :)

Also after my first month of the new diet change, exercise, and meds I lost a total of 8lbs. My Doc was thrilled and was so stoked. Well today I went in kinda fearing the Doc. I haven't been as on course with my diet as I should of been and I personally thought I either gained or stayed the same weight- 194lbs. Well I got on the scale and I didn't see what it said before I had to go in the room.

When I got in there I was with my usual nurse Patty, and she was asking me how things where going with my meds. I told her I still get the side affects now and then, but it's not too bad and it's bearable. She then took my blood pressure and she was like "Nice improvement!". I think she said it was like 107/60, but don't take me up on that. When she was done she was on her way to tell the Doc was here.

My Doc comes in and she goes "I hear you are doing amazing! Patty ratted you out. You're the talk of the office. Let's show you here." She started the comp. with all my info that was plugged in and she goes "OH MY GOSH! You lost 12lbs since last we saw you." I was like "What?! Are you serious?!" I was in complete shock but yet so proud of myself!! She then went on to say "The end of Feb. you were 202. Now end of April you are 182! You have lost 20lbs! We have found your magic formula."

I still can't believe I've lost 20lbs! I was talking to my friend Cole about it and he goes "You must be smoking hot now!" Which isn't true. Haha. I told him that I can tell I lost the weight in my face and arms, but I still got the tummy. My Doc said though that will be the hardest to get to go down, and the last to go.

I still got 32lbs to go before I reach my goal weight of 150lbs. That's where I would ideally like to be, and the Doc thinks that's perfect for my body structure. We don't want me to have chicken legs and waist and then big boobs- that would look funny. Haha. I still kinda want to get below 150 but we'll see how things go. Also, I have to get blood work done again Friday, which Im nervous about but I can do it!
So there you go! Yay me!! :D

Now I'm just wrapping up school, and trying to get settled into my own apartment with my old roommate Steph. I'm stressing about my Physics and Stats classes, but I'm hoping I can pull this off. Any extra prayers of good luck my way would be awesome!

It's been an interesting month, I'm going to say that. Though I know what my focus is now. And it's not anyone else anymore, but it's me! Working on losing weight and staying healthy, work on graduating here in a bit, and starting my path of working towards going through the Temple! :)

Well I'm off to bed!

Keep Hanging On...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Update!! :)

Howdy from Flagstaff!!
Well here's a quick update before my big road trip! Yay! I'm going to go to General Conference with Dan and Jill for my first time ever! I've been dying to go to Conference ever since I got baptized, but never had the chance. Now I get to! YAY!!
I had my Docs appointment this past Wednesday, and she was very impressed! Turns out on their scale I've only lost 8lbs...which is probably really 9-10 cause I still had my layers of clothes on (its been cold) and other things. She was so proud and impressed with my weight loss. I got a "You Go Girl!" at the end of my appointment. Haha.
At this appointment we also established a weight goal. I asked her if there was a certain weight I should be shooting for, and she asked me what I thought. I said I would at least like to get down to 150lbs. She said that sounds good to her. I will never be able to be 100lbs (not that I wanted to be that small) but I can at least get smaller. It will probably take me a good year to get to 150lbs- I hope, but that is my goal and I want to do it.
Ever since I've felt like I've had more energy, and just feel healthier. Heck, a guy even sat by me today in Sunday School (wearing boots and wranglers- yeah I was a fan) and talked with me. It made me feel self-confident and pretty. I know that sounds so stupid, but for a guy to sit by me and talk to me, that does a lot.
Only down side to all this, is I will always have the risk factor of diabetes. I might not have it now, but if I don't follow this new life change I will. Which means in the long run I have to keep this diet my entire life. I'm kinda bummed. I mean what cowboy doesn't eat mashed potatoes with his steak? Or all the good country cooking that really I can't have now. I'm going to be a pretty pathetic cowgirl. Though my doctor rensured me I can cheat every once in awhile- just as long as its not more then eating correctly.
Today in Fast and Testimony Meeting a girl got up and said "Heavenly Father doesn't give us trials that we can't over come." I have to remember that Heavenly Father gave this to me for a purpose, and He's right there with me to help. He wouldn't give this to me if He knew I wasn't going to be able to handle it.
Let's see, that's pretty much all I got. Right now I need to focus on the school work for the week and try to run a few errands before Utah! When I return I'm sure I'll post bunch of pictures and stories. Wish us safety, luck, and for a good time!
Keep Holding On!

Monday, March 23, 2009

You Get What You Give

Howdy Folks! Let's give ya a 8 second ride, shall we?

I just returned from Spring Break to NAU last night, and man I did not want to go back. Don't get me wrong, I love NAU but I just want to be done. It was so nice having a week long break from classes and stress. This Spring Break was different compared to the last couple. Normally on Spring Break I go on a trip with Dan, Jill, Alan, and Jared somewhere but Alan is busy and well Jared is gone. Haha. I did however go down to Tucson for the second half of Spring Break and spent time with Dan and Jill. The rest of Spring Break I relaxed and spent time with my family and Huey.

Last time I wrote I was talking about my sudden life change. Well it'll be a month from this coming Wednesday that I got the news from the Doctor. In fact, I'm going back in for a follow up this Wednesday. This month has not been easy, that is for sure.

I have my ups and downs with this. I have my good days where I don't mind veggies and I say "Bring them on!!", but then I also have my bad days where veggies and lean meats do not sound good at all. Instead I want a 12 oz. steak with mash potatoes!! I never really thought I ate a lot of carbs before, or well at least more then what you should until now when I can't have them. Okay well I can have them, but tiny amounts and none of the white stuff. Spring Break was a good week, cause my Mom cooked stuff we normally have, but I made sure not to get the rice, potatoes, rolls, etc and load up on the veggies. Though towards the end I wasn't so good. I gained a couple pounds back, but only like 2 or 3. Not too bad.

One up side about this, I figured out that I really like to work out. Again I have my bad days where I'm busy with school or Im sore and tired not wanting to do anything- but then I regret it later. While I'm here at school I've been taking a dance-work out class called Zumba. I highly suggest it to anyone if it's offered to you! I also found out tonight, cause Zumba was wicked crowed that I like the work-out bikes. I did 12.5 miles tonight in a half hour, not too bad for my first time. My goal was 10 miles. During the break I would take hour long walks, and loved it. I would either have my Mom with me, or listened to my ipod. Even though I was working out in a way, I was relaxed and was able to think about different things. I love the way I feel after working out, and I'm excited that I'm loving it. Reminds me of when I use to play sports! Oh, I miss it! This is going to make losing the weight somewhat easier.

Before I left for the break I had lost up to 13.5lbs! Granted I have gained some back, but still. I'm very proud of myself. I do have my days where I look in the mirror and just feel so fat or that I'm gaining and get so frustrated. But I have to remember that you want to lose weight slowly, and I think 13lbs is pretty amazing for me.

I'm very nervous for my Dr. appointment Wednesday. When she asked about my medical history before, I totally forgot that my Grandpa who passed had diabetes, and apparently I have two Aunts on that side who also suffer from diabetes. When I was with the Dr. last she said if I gained 50lbs more, I would be classified for Type-II Diabetes. I'm scared now that after I tell her about my family, she's going to be like "Oh, you have diabetes!". I know the meds I'm on now are for those who have Type-II Diabetes, and I hope that by being on that and losing the weight I won't have them. But we'll see. I'm scared to see what she's going to say. I hope she's impressed and says I'm doing things right. I have lots of questions for her, and one is being do I have to do this for the rest of my life. The exercising no problem, but the diet change...I'm a little nervous I can't do it.

I guess I'm just going to have to wait to see what she says, and see what happens. I have a new motto about this and that is "You Get What You Give". If I give the effort to do this to succeed, then I can do it! Though if I fall or don't try, then well it's back to where I started. My family has been very supportive, and so has Jill. -But I bet I'm driving them all crazy.

So I never took like a before picture of this, but here's a picture of me before and then as of right now. Well at least my face. I notice for sure I have lost weight when I look at my face.

What do you think?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Changes

Howdy Y'all!
I hope all is going well with everyone! Things have been very busy and stressful for myself. School is crazy insane. I think I get on top of things, but then do bad on a quiz or lab in Chemistry. I hate it! All I want to do is pass and get closer to graduating. I'm worried about Physics, Genetics, and Chemistry. I hope I can pull this semester off. :S
I've also had some life changing things happen as well. I have decided along with my friend Jill, that I want to lose like 50lbs (she wants to lose like 30lbs or something). I want to be able to fit in those cute cowgirl wranglers and get those cowboy's attention. Lately I've been going to the doctor to talk about a few things.
Well after a doctors appointment after another each week and a blood test (4 vials worth...oh man I almost passed out on the nurse that morning, luckily she caught me) I've recently been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS. They aren't serious serious, but they are not fun and need to get under control.
What does this mean? Well... first off my body isn't using insulin correctly. It produces insulin but my cells reject it and the other energy from the food I eat. So that extra digested food goes to my waste, and results in fat build up. So my cells are starving, which results to my brain telling me to eat more. Due to this it's making me a "Carbohydrate addict". I need to cut down on my amount of Carbs. Right now I can't have rice, pasta, bread, and the worse one-potatoes!!! I can't live without my potatoes. Luckily I can still have these by very rarely and in small amounts. My diet has now changed to lean meats and veggies! It hasn't been easy one bit. I'm starting to eat more veggies that I never knew I liked, but it seems like a lot of stuff I know how to make or whatever has carbs. If any of you know great recipes for chicken and veggies, or have any suggestion I would love to hear them. Along with the diet change, I'm taking a medicine to help disguise the insulin so my cells will take in the food and energy they need which should result in me being more energetic and not as hungry.
The PCOS means that I'm producing an egg every month, but my body isn't releasing it. So it gets stuck and hard resulting in larger ovaries than usual. My female hormones also are at different levels, which they should be the same. For this one I need to lose weight (which my diet change should help) and I'm on the wonderful pill! The down side to this one is that it means complications when it comes to having kids later. I'm really bummed, but the Dr. said I'm young and there is a lot that can help me to try and have kids. She was telling me about a pill that actually has a high rate of twins- oh boy! I might be carrying twins later! Haha.
My Dr. said it's good that we're catching it when I'm so young, which means I can help keep it under control. It's not curable, but she says I have a mild case and we can easily do things about it.
So now my life is about exercise and diet- which really I guess is how every one's should be. This hasn't been as easy as I thought. In fact I'm frustrated with it. I was doing so well at first, but now I'm still at a consistent 8lbs lost. I want to lose more though. Like today I just looked at the mirror and felt fat. Ugh.
I know I can do this, it's just going to take time to get the results I want. :S

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Back! 8 Second Update...

Howdy Y'all! I know it's been awhile since my last post- sorry! Things just get so busy when you start school again. You ready for an update on me?? Strap on your spurs, grab on tight, throw your hand in the air and give a nod cause here we go!!

Last time I was on here it was Thanksgiving, well that was long gone so I'm not going to really talk about that. Haha. I had a great Thanksgiving though with my family and got to spend some time with my best friends Dan and Jill. Jill and I went shopping for my very first Black Friday. It was intense, but a total blast. We'll probably go again next year. :)

Christmas was great! It wasn't a big Christmas for the Dillon Family, but that really didn't matter. All that mattered was we were all there and could celebrate it together. I love Christmas. It's the one day where my whole family is just in the best of mood- specially my Dad. I always look forward to Christmas cause I know my Dad will be in all smiles and shows his love more then he does any other day of the year. This year I got the biggest surprise and probably best present. New Boots!!! That's right, brand new Cowboy Boots! Oh, I love them to death! My Mom picked them out and I think she did awesome!! What do you think? (Forgive the basketball shorts, but hey its my pjs.)

The rest of Christmas Break I got to go to my best friend Jill's Graduation, spend time with her and Danny, be with my family, and work at the dog kennel. I love the dog kennel I worked with. It helped me to see what kind of dogs I want for the near future. My heart is pretty set on a Boxer when I move out and get my own place. If not, it will for sure be a big dog. I'm also leaning towards a Great Dane or Mastiff.- Like I said, big dogs! :)

School started back up in mid January, and believe me it's not a easy semester. I finally have started my Junior year here at NAU and sadly the courses are only going to get harder. Right now I'm taking Genetics, Stats, 3 hour Chem 151 Lab, Physics 111 with a 3 hours lab as well, Az Forest and Wildlife (probably my easiest and most relaxing), and then doing research for my Animal Behavior professor. I'm currently working on analyzing the difference between aggressive and non-aggressive vocalizations in dogs. I'm pretty stoked. Right now I've been reading past journals and experiments. Hopefully I can start my actual research soon.

NAU really hasn't changed, except for the fact that we got another snow day! ROCK ON! I guess I should state that it is very, very, very rare for NAU to have snow days. The Elementary and Jr. and High Schools get them all the time but not us. My first semester up here we got one, and then again this semester. It was the first time NAU history they had to close the school for two years straight due to snow. This time we got a huge storm. We got 2 feet of snow in just one night- it was awesome! Here's what it looked like. Pretty eh?

I have discovered something really cool though up here at NAU. There is work-out/ dance class that is offered here at our Rec-Center called Zumba! It is so much fun, and thanks to it I have already lost 8lbs! I go every Monday, Wednesday, Friday if I can. It's a great work-out, I'm learning lots of fun dance moves, and the music is pretty cool. It's not country, but if it gets me into those cute Wrangler Jeans- I'm all in!

Some other things to add that really don't have to do with school, but are my part of life are the following...

My good friend Jared Bienz left for his mission to Tampa, FL for two years a little over a week ago. I'm very excited for him and think this will be such a great experience for him. I did get a letter from him yesterday and he seems to be doing well. I look forward to the changes in him as he grows in our Heavenly Father's work.

I'm currently working on trying to get an AZ Game and Fish internship over the summer. I think it would be a great opportunity for me, but it seems pretty tough to get in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping something will be offered to me.
There is some sad news though. This weekend, more like tomorrow, the PBR will be in town at Glendale. Unfortunately due to school I won't be able to make it. It starts at 6pm Sunday night and won't be over till late, so I'm pretty upset that I don't get to go. I was doing so good the past two years about going but not this year. I'm glad they decided to come back to AZ but totally bummed it was in Feb and not in the summer like usual. Maybe I can make an event in TX this summer- that would be pretty sweet! So yeah, best of luck my boys!!! Go get 'em and show 'em what you're made of!!!
Anyways, that's about it for me. There's other things, but I'm probably the only one that finds it funny or entertaining. Haha. I'm looking forward to Spring Break so I can have a break from school, but I'm so ready for this semester to be over. Ugh.
Oh well. I just have to Cowgirl Up, and hang out tight!
That's all for now...keep holding on!