Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Summer & Mein Schatz (My Treasure)

Howdy Y'all!
Well this summer sure has flown by. I can't believe that July is already coming to a close pretty soon. I feel like it was just the beginning of month not to long ago. Though there is that saying out there which states that "Time flies when you're having fun!". Boy, am I learning the truth to that.
Compared to last summer this one rocks! I'm still working constantly and haven't had a break, til now because I'm sick, but it's nothing compared to last year. Last year I worked every morning at the dog kennel Monday thru Saturday til about 10-11am, then once 1pm came around it was back to work for a shift til about 7-8pm at Client Focus. I rarely had time to spend with my friends and family let alone myself. The extra pay was great, but looking at the summer it really wasn't worth it. Now I work every morning at the dog kennel and then pull a couple double shifts here and there, but mostly after 10am the rest of the day is free to me. I love it. Granted normally I fall back asleep pretty hard 'til noon, but hey.
Due to the fact that I'm not working as much, I've gotten the chance to spend time with my friends and family more. My best friends Dan and Jill moved back up to the valley, well 45 min away but its better than an hour and a half to two hours, and I've gotten the chance to see them here and there. Whether it's to help get them settled, taking Jill out to lunch, game night, etc., it's just been so great having them so close. It's going to be really hard to go back to Flagstaff and be the one that's so far away. It's also great to come home and actually see my family. I can actually sit down and have dinners with them again and play games. I miss that a lot when I'm away at school.
Another thing that has made my summer special from the past few is "mein schatz" aka "my treasure" translated from German. I've been together with Justin now almost two months. I know that's not very long, but the time we've spent together as been amazing. I really can't say enough good things about him. No one has made me feel like I'm special and amazing just the way I am in so long.
We've done so many fun and special things together this summer. To list a few: Ice skating (my first time ever & loved it), Bowling, Trips to Sportsman's and Bass Pro (very us), Dancing under the stars in the desert, picnic at Fountain Hills, Justin made me dinner & gave me a surprise necklace, Baptisms at the Temple, Institute together, and many more.
To add on to this list will be going to Escalante, UT this weekend. I'm so excited and have been looking forward to this all summer. We'll be leaving Thursday and going up to spend time with his extended family and celebrating the 24th of July. By talking to Justin it already sounds like him and his family have lots of plans for me. One of the big ones is the Rodeo on Saturday. :) Everyone knows that I'm a sucker for rodeos. Not only will I get to go and see it, but I will also get the chance to be in it. I'm so excited!! Justin and I have been talking about this trip for the past month and can't wait to go.
I wish this summer could last forever so I wouldn't have to go to school and leave him. I'm scared to see what the school semester might bring, but I hope that things will continue to go well and grow between him and I. I guess only time will tell. Having him in my life has been a blessing for sure and I just hope in some way I've been able to be someone special for him like he is for me.
Ich Liebe Mein Schatz!
(I love my treasure!)
Well it's late, I'm sick, and should really get to bed if I'm going to try and get rid of this before I leave Thursday.
Keep Hanging On, and more will come after UT! Wish me Luck!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Country Boy

Howdy Ya'll!
Well if any of you read my last post you know there's a boy in my life right now. He's not a boy, but a true gentleman. Yes that is him pictured above. Please ignore what I look like, I look awful and ugly, but he looks good cause heck he's just good looking to begin with.
His name is Justin, and he's the country boy type I've always wanted to find. A gentleman but has that rugged side to him as well. He loves to hunt and fish, he doesn't mind that I'm into the PBR or rodeo- infact he likes it as well (maybe not as much as I do, haha), he's hardworking, big family guy, and total sweetheart.
Tonight I got a surprise phone call from him and was invited to spend the evening with his family. His Mom was yelling in the background "I'm having Marie withdraws!". I really like his family. They make me feel very welcomed into their home and we get along great.
When I met up with him, his Mom, and younger brother we decided to go see "Prince of Persia", which actually wasn't that bad. For not knowing what it was about, I really liked it and thought the ending was well done. Plus kudos to Jake for doing all his own stunts because- Wow!!
My favorite part though...being held in Justin's arms and holding his hand. He actually surprised me with putting his arm around me while being there with his Mom and brother but I'm so glad he did. I love being held by him. Things just feel right and that nothing could go wrong.
Afterwards he rode home with me in Buck, and then we got to spend some time with his Mom and visited. The really cute part was when I got to see pictures of Justin when he was little. :) I would of never thought he would let me see, but he didn't mind sharing. Only bad thing is now it's my turn. :S
The worst part though about being together is it's always so hard to say good-bye. He works very early in the morning, earlier than my 6am shift, so we can never really be together that late except on Fridays or Saturdays. I didn't want to leave tonight. I wanted to stay there in his arms and just forget about work.
I don't know what I did to deserve being with someone like him, but man do I feel special. He treats me so well, and I feel like Im the luckiest girl when I'm with him. I've only been gone a couple hours and I already miss him.
I feel truly blessed to have met him, and I hope and pray that things will continue to go well.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Howdy everyone! I know, it's amazing that I'm actually updating. During the school season, if that's what you would call it, things are crazy anymore the closer I get to graduation so I fail at updating. I'm sorry. Hopefully this will make it up to you.

I finished this past semester by passing all my classes- yes even O-Chem (with a B, if I might so add) and raising my GPA by .01. Yes! Haha. It was a difficult semester but I have a feeling next semester will be worse. Though there is a bright side- it should be my last semester. It's taken me forever but I'm finally about to finish school. I can't believe it. I feel kinda left behind because I've had friends finish school and some even get two degrees before me and I'm still trailing along. It's okay though. The end is in sight. I just have to complete my capstone which will be Animal Physiology (w/ its 3 hour lab) and Bio Chem then that diploma will be mine.

As for this summer I'm back home and will be in the valley til the end of August. I'm working at the dog kennel again for a summer job, which although it doesn't pay much I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be there. It's better than nothing. I thought about having a second job but I decided I wanted a real summer this time. I want to spend time with my family and friends.

Speaking of family, my little bro Jeff graduated this past Thursday! CRAZY! I'm so proud of him. He was so happy that night and it was good to see him and all his friends make it to that special night. As for his future plans, he wants to be Army Strong. I have mix feelings, just cause I don't want to get that dreaded phone call one day. But I know that no one has more heart and knowledge about serving than him. If I was in compact I would want him on my side. I support him all the way in whatever he does. -I'm trying to get him to go running with me. Haha.

There really isn't anything else to update on except one thing.
I've been blessed and lucky to have met one of the sweetest guys I've ever known. I don't know what I have done to know someone like him, but I feel very special. It's funny because everything that happened kinda came out of no where. We knew each other before but never really talked much and hung out. He came home this march from his mission and we started talking here and there and things just blossomed.
We're both kinda new to the whole relationship/dating scene but I like how things are going. I've never been treated so well before. For example, when I'm in his presence I'm not allowed to touch any doors, even if I'm the one driving he has to open my car door. When I'm holding his hand and being held in his arms I feel like everything is okay and nothing can go wrong. I love it.
I just hope and pray that he feels the same way about me. I'm scared that maybe he'll figure out that I'm really not that special and amazing, and there's someone else out there better for him. Cause I feel like I don't deserve him. Like I said, I feel so blessed and lucky. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they continue to go well because...
I have never been this happy, and that's the truth. :)