Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diabetes Free!

Howdy Folks!

I got the best news today when I went to see the Doc for my monthly appointment! I am now diabetes risk free! She was like "Congrats, you have saved yourself from diabetes!". Oh man, it was so nice to hear her say that. Now of course, I need to make sure I continue to lose weight and keep it off but still- YAY! :)

Also after my first month of the new diet change, exercise, and meds I lost a total of 8lbs. My Doc was thrilled and was so stoked. Well today I went in kinda fearing the Doc. I haven't been as on course with my diet as I should of been and I personally thought I either gained or stayed the same weight- 194lbs. Well I got on the scale and I didn't see what it said before I had to go in the room.

When I got in there I was with my usual nurse Patty, and she was asking me how things where going with my meds. I told her I still get the side affects now and then, but it's not too bad and it's bearable. She then took my blood pressure and she was like "Nice improvement!". I think she said it was like 107/60, but don't take me up on that. When she was done she was on her way to tell the Doc was here.

My Doc comes in and she goes "I hear you are doing amazing! Patty ratted you out. You're the talk of the office. Let's show you here." She started the comp. with all my info that was plugged in and she goes "OH MY GOSH! You lost 12lbs since last we saw you." I was like "What?! Are you serious?!" I was in complete shock but yet so proud of myself!! She then went on to say "The end of Feb. you were 202. Now end of April you are 182! You have lost 20lbs! We have found your magic formula."

I still can't believe I've lost 20lbs! I was talking to my friend Cole about it and he goes "You must be smoking hot now!" Which isn't true. Haha. I told him that I can tell I lost the weight in my face and arms, but I still got the tummy. My Doc said though that will be the hardest to get to go down, and the last to go.

I still got 32lbs to go before I reach my goal weight of 150lbs. That's where I would ideally like to be, and the Doc thinks that's perfect for my body structure. We don't want me to have chicken legs and waist and then big boobs- that would look funny. Haha. I still kinda want to get below 150 but we'll see how things go. Also, I have to get blood work done again Friday, which Im nervous about but I can do it!
So there you go! Yay me!! :D

Now I'm just wrapping up school, and trying to get settled into my own apartment with my old roommate Steph. I'm stressing about my Physics and Stats classes, but I'm hoping I can pull this off. Any extra prayers of good luck my way would be awesome!

It's been an interesting month, I'm going to say that. Though I know what my focus is now. And it's not anyone else anymore, but it's me! Working on losing weight and staying healthy, work on graduating here in a bit, and starting my path of working towards going through the Temple! :)

Well I'm off to bed!

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