Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Country Boy

Howdy Ya'll!
Well if any of you read my last post you know there's a boy in my life right now. He's not a boy, but a true gentleman. Yes that is him pictured above. Please ignore what I look like, I look awful and ugly, but he looks good cause heck he's just good looking to begin with.
His name is Justin, and he's the country boy type I've always wanted to find. A gentleman but has that rugged side to him as well. He loves to hunt and fish, he doesn't mind that I'm into the PBR or rodeo- infact he likes it as well (maybe not as much as I do, haha), he's hardworking, big family guy, and total sweetheart.
Tonight I got a surprise phone call from him and was invited to spend the evening with his family. His Mom was yelling in the background "I'm having Marie withdraws!". I really like his family. They make me feel very welcomed into their home and we get along great.
When I met up with him, his Mom, and younger brother we decided to go see "Prince of Persia", which actually wasn't that bad. For not knowing what it was about, I really liked it and thought the ending was well done. Plus kudos to Jake for doing all his own stunts because- Wow!!
My favorite part though...being held in Justin's arms and holding his hand. He actually surprised me with putting his arm around me while being there with his Mom and brother but I'm so glad he did. I love being held by him. Things just feel right and that nothing could go wrong.
Afterwards he rode home with me in Buck, and then we got to spend some time with his Mom and visited. The really cute part was when I got to see pictures of Justin when he was little. :) I would of never thought he would let me see, but he didn't mind sharing. Only bad thing is now it's my turn. :S
The worst part though about being together is it's always so hard to say good-bye. He works very early in the morning, earlier than my 6am shift, so we can never really be together that late except on Fridays or Saturdays. I didn't want to leave tonight. I wanted to stay there in his arms and just forget about work.
I don't know what I did to deserve being with someone like him, but man do I feel special. He treats me so well, and I feel like Im the luckiest girl when I'm with him. I've only been gone a couple hours and I already miss him.
I feel truly blessed to have met him, and I hope and pray that things will continue to go well.