Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Heart Disney!

So, I've been a huge Disney kick lately!! I've been brushing up on some of the old Disney Classics. I remember when I was little they seemed really long, yet when I watch them on youtube its so short!

I love Disney! Walt Disney was a genius and wonderful man!! Im so glad that Disney continues to grow and bring smiles from children to adults! Though, I have to say, the Disney movies today are really good but they just don't have that classic old Disney touch. I don't know though, maybe that's just me.

Any-who, I thought I would post some fun pictures from a couple of my many favorites and list why I as a kid loved it so much!

101 Dalmatians: By far number one favorite! I've always wanted a dalmatian ever since I saw this movie as a little kid. I loved Lucky, Patch, and Rolly when I was little. I remember every time my Aunt Susie would babysit me and my sister while my parents were at Suns game I begged her to let us watch 101 while "going" to sleep. Now a days when I watch it just makes me smile and I love how they make the owners look like the dogs- its so true though! Next time you're out, look at the dog and the owner bet you they look a like in some way!

The Lion King: Who didn't love this movie?! It's one of the few that my Dad took me to when I was little and I remember hearing him laugh out loud as well. When I was small my cousin, sister, and I would act out the movie and of course I always called being simba...even if he was a boy. Hopefully one day I'll get to work the the real stars of this movie. :)

Beauty and the Beast: Another top favorite!! I loved the idea of objects being alive. I use to wonder what it would be like if the things in my house were alive and could talk to me. Plus, Belle is amazing. She's my favorite Disney Princess. When I was little I had the coolest Beauty and the Beast coloring book, which was and still probably my favorite. I have it still... somewhere.

Robin Hood: Yay!! Okay, this is just one of the cutest Disney ever did. Took a classic fairytale and made it fun and lovable. My favorite character by far is the little girl rabbit you see pictured. OMG! "Yeah, mind yo manners!". SO CUTE!!

Mary Poppins: I always wished, and still do, that I can snap and my room would clean up on its own. When I was little my favorite part was this scene where they jumped into the chalk drawing! Even today I have a new love for it because of a fun inside joke with my best friend Dan!

The Arstiocats: I'm not a cat person at all, but I loved this movie. I love the little kittens, and heck yes my name was the little girl kitten! Granted, she was kinda snotty but still. I love the beginning where they are pratcing the piano and painting. My brother used to love this movie because of the dogs, and seriously would wet his pants from laughing so hard at them. Till this day, I don't know what was so funny like he did.

Lady and the Tramp: With this one, I never liked the main character as much as I loved the neighborhood dogs, and Tramp! Plus, how cute are the puppies at the end?!

Bambi: Oh the wonderful movie that gave us the word 'Twitterpaited!" The movie is really cute, and I love when they were little. Best scene: "Say bird!" "Say bird!" "BIRD!!!" 'Bird, bird, bird, bird!"

The Little Mermaid: What girl did not love this movie?! Im still jealous that she got to marry Prince Eric..he's HOT! Seriously, I think he's the best looking prince out of all them. I love this scene. I wouldn't mind if it happened to me...(someone tell Wyaitt!).

Dumbo: Honestly, I haven't seen this one is so long but it's on my list of next to watch! When I was little elephants use to be my favorite animal. I blame this guy- how adorable is he?! Plus he could fly...I want a flying elephant!!

Like I said, those are only a few out of my many favorites!! Not only am I on a Disney movie kick but I've been dying to go back to Disneyland. I haven't been since 7th grade, and back then they were just, just starting the building of the California Adventure Park. I was suppose to go last Oct. but never did.

Anyone want to go on a Road Trip?! Im all in!!

Alright, it's late and I have class in like 7 hours. Crap! Keep hanging on!

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