Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Boy is All Grown Up!

My baby boy is all grown up!! I'm such a proud Mama!! My baby boy Hunter hatched from his little pupa casing and is now an adult beetle. Hooray! :)

Hunter is very spunky and full of engery! He was having fun crawling around while Mom was changing the other siblings, and found out either she threw away the other pupa case...or it died (fingers crossed its the second one).

Hopefully he'll be able to have some older siblings soon!! I love when these guys are beetles. They are so much fun!! Hunter was having fun crawling on Mom, and he's Aunts were taking his first pictures.

Look at my handsome boy!

Please ignore how awful I look. I'm trying to recover from a cold. Okay well, I would love to update more but I have to go do some Math HW (well try), study some more for my wicked Entomology test coming up, and then sleep...maybe.

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