Friday, October 17, 2008

Elder Larsen

So today seemed like any other Friday. Well okay, some things were different.
For example, I totally didn't go to my first class at 9:10. No, instead I decided to sleep in because I woke up feeling lousy. -Maybe it's cause I stayed up a little late reading New Moon. Haha. I also had a weird dream where I was married and pregnant...yet I have no idea who my husband was (he was hot though, haha). Twilight Series Update: I'm on the second book New Moon, which I stopped reading for a while because I was so upset after reading Chapter 3. But, school has slowed down a bit and I figured, everyone said it gets better so I better keep chugging along.
Instead of going to class at 9:10, I woke up at 10:30 and got ready to go to my last class of the day, PreCal. Yeah, sick. I hate math, but it's only cause I don't understand it. When I understand it and it's easy to me, then yeah it's kinda fun but when I don't follow and have no idea what's up then it sucks. Today was one of those "What?!" " is that?!" days. Yeah, not fun. I came home all upset and frustrated.

After feeling stressed I decided I needed to go to happy land and watch Grey's Anatomy. Since we don't have cable or any kind of television here I can't watch it on Thursdays (it drives me nuts- I mean this is my show! Besides the PBR), and I normally watch it Fridays when I get home from math on my computer. I love this season so far. I love the stories they have told and where they are going. This weeks episode was hilarious! Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin. Once I was done with Grey's I decided to watch The Office- I'm trying to get all caught up. Sadly, I thought this weeks episode was weak compared to last weeks.

Once I was done escaping to TV land, I decided "Hey, lets take a nap", yeah...that didn't happen. Instead I was just relaxing, called some friends, and then my Mom. Later I had a friend come over to help me with math, which now I understand one section but of course I have no clue about 4 other sections.

Then tonight, I brought up the idea to the apartment to take our roomie Karisa out to dinner to celebrate her getting married. I love Karisa, she is a total sweet heart and I'm so excited for her. Her and I get a long really well because we are both country girls. :) We decided to take her to Chilis since she's never been. It was lots of fun and she had a good time, which was the plan since she's getting a little stressed out over everything.

Once returning home I decided to go check the mail, which basically I'm the only one that does. Normally all my roomies get mail and of course nothing for me. Kinda sucks. Well tonight was a different story. Inside the mailbox single piece of mail. It was a letter, and I figured it was for one of my other roomies until I saw "Marie Dillon". I looked to see who it was from and I flipped out! I finally got to hear from my good buddy Dane Larsen, or well I should say Elder Larsen.

I met Dane at Mt. View in Marching Band and we became Drum Major Companions my senior year along with my buddy James McMullan. I can't tell you how much I love these boys. They were my boys, and I had some of the best times with them. They didn't mind my corkyness and randomness, actually I bet they thought I was ill if I wasn't random every day. One of my favorite things about Dane was he use to die laughing at my impressions. Honestly, I suck at them but he use to find them so funny and I loved to make him laugh in the mornings.

Anyways, I got a letter from Dane tonight and I was super excited. I wrote him once before last semester in April, but I wasn't sure if he ever got it or if when my roomies forgot to check our mail in the summer (which of course got put on hold and then everything returned to sender) if he wrote and it got sent back. Before he left he asked if I would write him through out the mission and I agreed of course (meaning friend writing to another), yet I've been a horrible person and have only written him twice. I know, I'm a horrible friend. Okay, back to the letter.

Dane is doing great! I'm so happy for him. He loves his area and in fact he's been in the same area his whole mission (which I believe he's been out 15 months now) but watch now that I say that he will get transferred. Reading his letter made me miss him so much. He would make comments about my bugs for Entomology and told me a story that would fall under the "classic" and "amazing" category in my books. I got so excited that I heard from him that I called my Mom, and then Dan and Jill. Haha.

Reading his letter reminded me of the many good times we had and made me miss him so much more. I can't wait till he gets home, and I hope we can hang out more then we did before he left. Though of course, I am at NAU so it will be hard. Dan is amazing, just like so many of my other friends.

It's moments like tonight when I get a letter, phone call, email, or something from a good friend that makes me smile. It makes me feel special and reminds me that I'm loved and have touched others. I love my friends; they mean the world to me and I don't know where I would be without them. Thanks you guys!!

Well, this post is a buttload longer than I thought it would be. I hope I didn't bore you, then again I don't know who all reads this. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Mine will be filled with homework, cleaning, New Moon, and sleep. Hooray!

Keep Hanging On...OH and PS the PBR World Finals are less than 15 days away. CrAzY!!!

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