Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend was probably one of the best weekends I've ever had at NAU! All the fun began on Friday around 6pm. :)

Friday night Steph and I both didn't have plans, so we decided to hang out and watch a movie. My roomie Karisa joined us as well. The three of us walked over to Hastings and rented "Iron Man" and "What Happens In Vegas". Steph and I then grabbed dinner at Carls Jr., and we all went back to the apartment to watch "Iron Man". After the movie was over I convinced Steph to sleep over, and the three of us (Karisa, Steph, and Me)decided to make sugar cookies! Haha. That was lots of fun. We had fun deciding what some of the cookie cutters where since we had no idea what they were suppose to be. Haha. After cookies we watched Grey's Anatomy.- I got Karisa hooked on it now. Hehe, go me! It was around 1 o'clock then and we decided we needed sleep for the day ahead of us.

Saturday was a school spirited fun filled day! This weekend was NAU's Homecoming- which meant a parade, football game and dance! Steph and I decided to attend two out of the three. At around 10:30 Steph, her roomie Courtney and I went to the bookstore so I could buy my first NAU shirt (finally!) to wear to the game, and afterwards we headed downtown to the parade! OMG, the parade was hilarious!! All the floats were made by the dorms, fraternities, sororities, and students. Basically, they were really corny but it was funny. They also had some pretty sweet old cars in it as well- it reminded me of CARS. This one guy loved how Courtney and I got so excited that his Cougar's head lights would appear and disappear that he told us "Check out the tail lights as I drive by". Haha. His head lights moved as well. Needless to say Courtney and I are entertained by the littlest things. When the parade was over (it was short, lasted only 30 minutes) I suggested we all grab a pizza!

The three of us then were walking back and grabbed some pizza from this really small but amazing pizza joint. We shared a medium pepperoni pizza and cheesy garlic bread. It was SO good!! After lunch the three of us walked back to the apartments, and then Steph and I were headed to get her a NAU shirt and off to the football game!

I was so stoked to go to the game, because I was finally going to my university's own athletic event. I wanted to go last year to the basketball games, but my roomies weren't into sports and I don't like going to games by myself. Those of you that know me, I love going to sporting events no matter if they are professional, school, church, or even just some friends getting together to play. I love sports, and after almost two whole semesters at NAU I finally got to go to one!

This weeks game was huge! We were playing Weber State, and we were tied with them for first place in the Big Sky Confernce. Whomever won this game was then determined as number 1. There was a huge crowd because of this. It was great!!

Steph and I sat in the Student Section, and that really is the place to sit. Sure you have some of your drunks and wierdos but it's so much fun. Everyone gets into the game and you all work together to cheer on the team. I had a blast standing up pretty much the whole time, and cheering on our boys! They played really hard, but sadly they were beaten. BUT, before all those start to bash my school I need to explain a few things.

Yes, we lost 14-42 but it would of been a much closer game if it weren't for two things. One- Weber State plays dirty. It reminded me when we (Mt. View) would play Hamilton. It wasn't until the thrid quarter that they finally called an unsportsmen-like conduct on them (which should of happened like 10 more times). Their guys would insist on continuing to fight and rip the ball out of our guy's hands when he was already down and the whistle blew for end of play. The Refs would seriously contiune blowing the whistle in Webers face but they still fought it grab the ball. Or their defense would not get off our players, and would rip at them. Yeah, they were redicilous! Two- the Refs were worse than those in the NBA (that says a lot!). For example, we were about to score a touch down, well deserved, but totally made a bogous call and gave the ball to Weber. Or this other time our guy was already down with the ball, end of play right...yeah Weber stole the ball and started running with it- they called it interception! Yeah...don't get me started. >:(

Even though we lost, the game was a total blast and I'm proud to be a LumberJack! GO JACKS!!

When the game was over I spent the rest of the night with Karisa and her fiance Ivan. They are so cute and lots of fun! :) Then today, I had church and took engagement pictures for the happy couple.

This weekend was another one out the few that made me glad I'm here at NAU. I felt like an actual college student, and had a blast! :)

Alright, that's all for now, keep hanging on!!!

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I miss being in the band... the tubas are so awesome.