Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Day And Worse Day

Ever had one of those days where something really great happens, and you're just on a mega high until all of a sudden something happens and it turns into the worse day? Yep. That was today. Okay, really it wasn't the worse day I've ever had but I mean it was a day where I was hit with news I wasn't prepared for. Let me share.

When I woke up this morning I was not looking forward to Entomology at all. Today was the day we got our 16 page exam back. This exam wasn't just 16 pages of multiple choice, but rather the first 2 pages like that and then the rest essay style questions, along with filling out a blank cladogram of the evolution of the 31 orders. Needless to say it was long and very complex. It was one of the very few test where I felt so drained afterwards that I wanted to pass out.

I was worry free a little bit before coming because Neil (my professor) said if we get an email over the weekend then that's bad. Basically, you bombed and you needed to have a meeting with him to figure out how to pass. The whole weekend I was checking my student email about every 2 hours and no email. I figured "Okay, this is good!"

When class started Neil explained he did have our exams but he decided not to email anyone, so if we bombed we had to email him. Yeah my worry free feeling went away right away. Then he posted every one's scores on the projector (just our scores, not names with them) and I noticed there was a good amount of A's, some B's, C's, but also D's and F's. I was getting more nervous. He began passing back the test and I was one of the last ones to get mine. My classmates I studied with got theirs and had a 106% and a 111%. I felt the pressure. He then handed me mine.

I turned the pages and was trying to see where I lost points, but really trying to get to the final score. I saw a 11 and was like "OH CRAP" but it quickly turned into a 111.4%!!!! HOORAY!! I was so stoked and couldn't help but be so happy, and I was the third highest in the class. My professor said not to get too cocky, cause if you did then you do poorly next test. I figured "Heck, I'll celebrate today, but serious again tomorrow!". I was so happy that I called my Mom, Dad, Jill, and wrote Dan. Haha. I then texted Steph and said we needed to go out to celebrate. We decided to do lunch when she got out of class at 2.

Well it was around 1 so I had a good hour to kill. I then watched Extreme Home Makeover online, and still had a good 20 minutes to spare. I then decided to go check the PBR official website for updates and things since the World Finals are coming up. That was when my day went from a super high to a major low.

The first thing I saw was "Two Time World Champ Announces Retirement" with a picture of Justin McBride. I was shocked!! My first reaction was to yell "WHAT!!!!!" out loud. I then tried to clam down and said to myself "It's okay, maybe he's announcing it now and then this coming up 2009 season is his last." I then read the article and saw that I was wrong. Two weekends from this weekend he is riding his last event ever. This World Finals is his last. I was so upset.

Justin has been my favorite rider and my dream was to see him ride/meet him in person. Last year I missed that chance cause he got injured the first night and my Mom and I went the second night. Then this year he got stepped on by the jaw the event before coming here and stayed home that event. And of course Im not rich and can't go to Vegas in two weeks. I missed my chance meeting and seeing one of my heroes. I also can't see his last ride because we don't have television up here. It hurts.
I might be really upset but I'm happy for him. He is retiring at the top of his game, and I know he really wants to be with his family and move on. Hopefully he'll still be around at some events to visit or commentate, and I know he said he's going to explore the music business further. Plus, it's not like he was my only favorite. There are still so many other riders that I follow/cheer for, and love. I have a couple eyes on some of them and can't wait to see how their future in this sport continues (ie Reese Cates, Kolt Donaldson, etc.).

The PBR and so many are going to miss him but I wish him the best of luck! Justin, you're amazing!!!

After discovering the news I went out to lunch and she helped cheer me back up. Haha. That was my day...how was yours? Haha.

Keep Holding On!!!


chlorinemonster said...

congrats on the exam, though!

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

Marie! Thats so sad about him retiring! But AWESOME that you did SO well on your exam! Congrats! You're amazing!