Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm an ADULT aren't I!?!?!

You know, I love my parents very much. They are the world to me, and I have some of the best parents out there. They make sure I have the things I need, a good life, and love me. But sometimes I feel like I'm still 3 yrs. okay maybe 13 yrs. old.

I just turned 21 this past August, and according to our government/country I'm a legal adult. ADULT! Then why on earth, do I get treated like a little kid all the time!!! I admit sometimes it's needed, but honestly others it's not.

Instead of still asking for permission all the time, I wish I could just be like "Hey, okay I wanted to let you guys know..." but no. I still have to ask for permission whenever I want to go do something. It got better and I can be like "I'm going to go hang with (so and so)" but that was because I told them last minute and they couldn't be like "No".

I'm on my own in a way...let me go a little bit. Let me go have fun with friends that you love and know that I'm in good hands.

Maybe I should of got engaged! No, that would be the wrong reason to. I know my parents are just thinking what's best for me, but sometimes I wish they would kinda let go some more. We'll see what happens. Fingers crossed that they will think about the things I said. :S

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