Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I got some exciting news for y'all. I wasn't quite ready for the responsibilities that were suddenly put on me this Wednesday, but I stepped up to the challenge. I'm proud to say that I have cute tiny buckaroos of my own!!
That is right. I have become a proud mother of some of most adorable kids you'll ever see.

Presenting... Buckaroo #1: Hopper, Buckaroo #2: Jiminy, Buckaroo # 3: Herbert, Buckaroo # 4: Little C, and Miss Buckaroo #5: Melody.

Oh but that is not all....I'm also the proud mother of ...

Presenting...well okay, they're all hidden except for Little Hunter, but my other 6 (including Hunter) look like this!

As you can see, my first set of kiddos are none other than the domestic house crickets we always see in our homes, schools, offices, etc. The next set is mealworms that will grow into cute little black and red beetles!

Before you all think I have lost my mind, hear me out!

On Wednesday in my Entomology Lab we found out that we would be rearing (raising) our own insects. We had the choices between crickets, milkweed bugs (another beetle type), liver flies (yeah this was a no b/c I would have to feed them raw liver until Nov. 19th and the liver already smelt horrible), fruit flies (another no, if they got out I wouldn't hear the end of it from the roomies), or yellow mealworm beetles (the kind Hunter and his bro/sis are).

The idea was not to make us freaks, though it doesn't help our cause any b/c once people hear we are in this class we're classified as weirdos, but to see the life cycle of an insect. I'm suppose to try and raise these little guys who are all babies (except Melody, she's an adult female cricket), once mature get them to mate, and then try and raise the new generation of little ones. This class gets better and better! Haha.

I've already had an interesting time with my new children. Sadly, I lost one of my cricket babies the first night after lab. He didn't survive the shock I guess. I've also had an escape attempt by Hopper while I was trying to give them water last night. The little turd bucket jumped out and almost went down the sink!! No worries though, being the wonderful mother I am, I got him just in time and put him safely in his bed.

My crickets are very spunky! Luckily my boys haven't matured enough yet to start chirping. Though when that starts I'm sure I'll hear about it from the roomies upstairs. As for my beetles, they got their mother's laziness. They sleep and I hardly ever see them move, but they're so cute so I don't mind. Makes it easier on me! One of them actually went into the pupal stage and I should have an adult here in the next week! Kids sure do grow up fast!!

Who knew I would become a Mom so quickly?! I told Wyaitt (my boyfriend) about the new kiddos and his response was "This is the happiest day of my life! I'm the proud father of six legged children, and don't have to change diapers! Let's have more!"

Other than that I don't really have that much to update on. Oh! I did find out that I got a 92% on my Folklore Exam (which I had 30 mintues to take a essay form exam- stupid bus!), and an 84% on my Chemistry! Hooray!!

Also, if anyone cares, I'll be in town this coming up weekend! Oct. 3rd- 5th! I'm excited to see my family and maybe get to see some of you.

Alright well, I have to go tuck the kiddos in and read them their favorite story.- The Hungry Caterpillar!

Keep Hanging On Till Next Time!!

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chlorinemonster said...

Haha. Definitely sounds interesting. I remember raising mealworms in elementary school! But we didn't get to take those home.