Monday, November 17, 2008

Cowboy For Christmas

Yes I know Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet but hear me out!

Every year on my Mom's side we draw names for Christmas, that way everyone at least gets something. It's usually suppose to be a secret, but with this family it doesn't last long till you find out who has you. This year my Grandma got me, and she always does a really good job! Anyways, I was talking to my Mom last week and she said she needed a Christmas List from me so she can give ideas to my Grandma.

Well the past couple nights I have stayed up to think up a list. Needless to say my interests are pretty pricey. Who would of thought to live the Western Lifestyle it would be pretty pricey. So on my list I have some items from the PBR, new Cowboy Boots, my traditional Stud N Spurs calendar (until I get married), basically anything western/cowboy/cowgirl-ish along with some books and movies as well. I saved the best for last though. At the bottom of my list said:

Reese Cates

Now, if you have been following at all or seen the pictures I post of him (if not, there is one right on the side) you know who he is. If not, he's a PBR rider who actually just won the 2008 Daisy Rookie of the Year! GO REESE! Anyways, Reese is one of the sweetest guys I've seen/meet on the PBR Tour. I pretty much love his guts after reading his blog posts on and meeting him in person. He made my whole day when I asked for his picture and he came around the tables to where I was and put his hand on my back (yeah I was a little excited). Yeah, I want him for Christmas, naturally.

Well I sent my list off in a email to my Mom last night, and after getting home from classes today I got a reply back. Basically my Mom thinks I'm kidding. If you know me at all...I'm totally not kidding here. I would love to find Reese sitting on the couch where my presents from Santa go.

If not Reese, I will settle for another cowboy! If any of you run into one for sale while you go out shopping on Black Friday or any Christmas shopping you know where to send him!!

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