Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pics

Everyone is use to the usual family portraits and all that jazz. Well, my family doesn't stay up to date on family portraits. In fact, both my parents have a picture of the three kiddos (Theresa, Jeff, and I) that was taken back probably when I was still in Junior High. Needless to say, we have changed a bit.

The three of us got together this past Sunday, and had our pictures taken for our parents. It's their big Christmas present from the kids. Here are 4 photos out of 63 we took. I don't have them all because I need to get the picture CD from Theresa, but I made her email me some.

Meet the Dillon Children!

You have Theresa, who is the oldest and shortest (you'll see) at 23- very girly girl, myself Marie, who is in the middle and tallest at 21- cowgirl, and then my brother Jeff, who is the youngest getting to my height at the wonderful age of 16- and well he's Jeff!

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