Monday, November 30, 2009


Well this Thanksgiving Break was very busy, but amazing! I had a great time with family and catching up with friends. :)

Here is my family on Thanksgiving. I made them take a picture because we haven't had a family photo together for a while. It took sometime to get a good picture b/c Mom either closed her eyes or Jeff and Dad wouldn't smile.

I love my family- they are a great blessing in my life.

Friday I got to go Black Friday Shopping for the second year with Jill! It was a fun adventure because this year we went shopping down in Tucson. I got lots of good stuff, mostly from Kohls. I would have pictures but its all kinda down in the valley. Although here is a picture of me in my new hat (I'm a hat girl. :) ) and Jill looking at the ads.

I got lots of new clothes- exciting news was none of them were XL, yay!! :) I also was able to get some cute stuff for my Christmas collection. I decided after seeing Jill's amazing Christmas collections that I was going to start my own. I have started collecting western ornaments for a western tree in my future apartment/house (when I'm on my own) and western Santas. I got the cutest Cowboy Santa at Hobby Lobby. Yay!

Saturday I was able to get some new jeans- 3 in total with 2 being Wranglers totaling a whole $27 bucks! Heck ya! Then I took photos for my photography portfolio and hung out with my buddies Cole and Cameron. It was a blast.

Sunday I finally got to relax and enjoy watching the movie "Fred Claus" with my family.

This weekend went way too fast, but I technically only have like six days of actual classes left so I'll be home soon, and this time for a month. :)

Sorry for the short update, but I got get going on studies and my portfolio.

Keep Hanging On!

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