Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Perfect Man...

Has anyone ever wondered if the "perfect man" is out there? I'm serious.
I know that there has only been one perfect being on earth and he was a man. But are there any out there that come close?
Most of my friends are married, so I know they found the "perfect man". I look at them and always wondered how did they know their husband was the "perfect man". Did they come up with a list of requirements and he met all of them? Or did he take them by surprise and was nothing like who they thought they would marry?
I've always been told that you meet that special someone when you aren't looking. Which I do believe, it's just hard for me to do. I feel this pressure that I should find this "perfect man" and be with him right now, and I'm not.
For example, I was at an Enrichment night and asked if there were any guys I had an interest in. Naturally there is, but he and I have spoken a whole 2 minutes. He came over to give me a blessing one time, and of course I was in my pjs, hair not done and up in a messy pony tail, and no make up. I doubt he even remembers my name. I see him at church every Sunday and around the apartment complex sometimes and wonder what it would be like to go on a date with him.
I'm one of those that doesn't make the first move, and very shy when it comes to talking to someone I have an interest in. I guess to me I always felt like the guy should ask the girl on a date not how it is today where the girl does. It's not our and shouldn't be our responsibility.
So tell me, how did you find your "perfect man" or if you haven't what do you consider the "perfect man"?
As for myself, this is what I see my "perfect man" to be:
-Priesthood Holder and strong in his faith.
-Loves his family.
-Temple worthy.
-Loves me for who I am and what I stand for.
-Good Listener
-My Best Friend
-Always be there for me, no matter what.
-No matter where he is in the world, he would much rather be with me.
-Has a sense of humor or at least can make me laugh and smile when I'm down.
-Doesn't mind me being a hypochondriac/worry wart about everything, but plays along with it.
-Doesn't mind listening to me talk about the PBR and at least be willing to go to events and rodeos.
If any of you know this person who doesn't mind a country girl, let me know or work your magic.
At times like this I like to blast Michael Buble's song "Haven't Met You Yet", and it helps to give me hope that my "perfect man" is out there right now thinking about me and wondering when he'll meet his "perfect woman".
I don't really know if anyone reads this, but if you have any input you are willing to share, I'm all ears.
Right now the "perfect man" is just a picture on my wall but hopefully he'll be real someday soon.
Keep hanging on, because I know I'm not ready to let go yet.

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