Friday, November 13, 2009

Hobbies (Crafts) and Update

Howdy Folks!

Well for this blog post I wanted to share a quick update and also my latest hobbies/crafty/artistic side. :)

Things are going better each day since surgery. Today marks two weeks since the surgery. Tuesday I was finally able to take off the bandages. They are healing well except the one where my Jackson Pratt Drain was. There's still a hole and it hurts. Also my skin is very ripped up and irritated from the tape of the bandages. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon. Here's a picture of after I took off the bandages (it's not gross):

As you can see nothing too bad. I doubt I'll even be able to tell I have scars.

Now for better things to talk about!!!

Ever since I was little I always liked doing art and craft projects. I remember I was enrolled in an after school craft class in elementary. Well in junior high and high school I really wasn't able to be as crafty because of being busy with sports or marching band.

My main two hobbies are: Photography and Scrapbooking. Well after today I was able to add a third! I now know how to Cross Stitch! Yes I know it's not hard, but still. Today I was telling my roomie that I was sick of watching movies and wanted to do something. I still have to take it easy so I can't hike, work out, etc like I want so I'm kinda limited on activities. I told her I wish I had my scrapbook stuff b/c I could of finished so many pages. Well she came out and showed me her talent of cross stitching/embroidery. She said it was very easy, fun, and best of all-cheap! So the two of us went to Joann's and picked me up a couple patterns.

I decided that since I already made a calendar for each of my parents with my photo work (more about that in a bit) that I would cross stitch a towel/table cloth type thing for my grandma. Tonight I was able to finish the first corner. I worked on it from 4:30 this afternoon to about 11:30pm. -Yeah, I know I don't have a life. Here's what the first corner looks like:

You can't really tell from the picture but its a raccoon- he's gray and black with blue eyes. :)

Personally, I think he turned out pretty cute.

Now as for my other two hobbies, this past year I've really been able to work on them and get better. Over the summer is when I really worked on my scrapbooking. I discovered new ways to make the pages more exciting by using ribbon, cut outs, jewels and other things. Before I just used stickers and the pictures. I think my pages are now more fun to look at. My biggest project is my PBR Scrapbook. Here are a few pages from it:

As for my Photography, I've improved immensely I think. I owe that to my photography class and photography professor. This semester I decided to have a fun class and I always love taking pictures so I figured photography was the way to go. I love this class! I have learned so much to improve my photography. I've discovered that my strongest point is scenics. Here are some of my favorites that I took this semester:

I can't wait for the Winter Break so I can go shopping at Hobby Lobby and get more stuff to expand my hobbies. I want a relaxing break where I can just enjoy myself and what I like to do, and scrapbooking, photography, and cross stitching will be included in that.

I wonder what else I can learn to do?!

I hope you enjoyed this post- it was a little different for a change. :)

Keep Holding On!

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Rebel said...

That raccoon is super cute! AND your scrapbook pages look awesome!