Monday, March 23, 2009

You Get What You Give

Howdy Folks! Let's give ya a 8 second ride, shall we?

I just returned from Spring Break to NAU last night, and man I did not want to go back. Don't get me wrong, I love NAU but I just want to be done. It was so nice having a week long break from classes and stress. This Spring Break was different compared to the last couple. Normally on Spring Break I go on a trip with Dan, Jill, Alan, and Jared somewhere but Alan is busy and well Jared is gone. Haha. I did however go down to Tucson for the second half of Spring Break and spent time with Dan and Jill. The rest of Spring Break I relaxed and spent time with my family and Huey.

Last time I wrote I was talking about my sudden life change. Well it'll be a month from this coming Wednesday that I got the news from the Doctor. In fact, I'm going back in for a follow up this Wednesday. This month has not been easy, that is for sure.

I have my ups and downs with this. I have my good days where I don't mind veggies and I say "Bring them on!!", but then I also have my bad days where veggies and lean meats do not sound good at all. Instead I want a 12 oz. steak with mash potatoes!! I never really thought I ate a lot of carbs before, or well at least more then what you should until now when I can't have them. Okay well I can have them, but tiny amounts and none of the white stuff. Spring Break was a good week, cause my Mom cooked stuff we normally have, but I made sure not to get the rice, potatoes, rolls, etc and load up on the veggies. Though towards the end I wasn't so good. I gained a couple pounds back, but only like 2 or 3. Not too bad.

One up side about this, I figured out that I really like to work out. Again I have my bad days where I'm busy with school or Im sore and tired not wanting to do anything- but then I regret it later. While I'm here at school I've been taking a dance-work out class called Zumba. I highly suggest it to anyone if it's offered to you! I also found out tonight, cause Zumba was wicked crowed that I like the work-out bikes. I did 12.5 miles tonight in a half hour, not too bad for my first time. My goal was 10 miles. During the break I would take hour long walks, and loved it. I would either have my Mom with me, or listened to my ipod. Even though I was working out in a way, I was relaxed and was able to think about different things. I love the way I feel after working out, and I'm excited that I'm loving it. Reminds me of when I use to play sports! Oh, I miss it! This is going to make losing the weight somewhat easier.

Before I left for the break I had lost up to 13.5lbs! Granted I have gained some back, but still. I'm very proud of myself. I do have my days where I look in the mirror and just feel so fat or that I'm gaining and get so frustrated. But I have to remember that you want to lose weight slowly, and I think 13lbs is pretty amazing for me.

I'm very nervous for my Dr. appointment Wednesday. When she asked about my medical history before, I totally forgot that my Grandpa who passed had diabetes, and apparently I have two Aunts on that side who also suffer from diabetes. When I was with the Dr. last she said if I gained 50lbs more, I would be classified for Type-II Diabetes. I'm scared now that after I tell her about my family, she's going to be like "Oh, you have diabetes!". I know the meds I'm on now are for those who have Type-II Diabetes, and I hope that by being on that and losing the weight I won't have them. But we'll see. I'm scared to see what she's going to say. I hope she's impressed and says I'm doing things right. I have lots of questions for her, and one is being do I have to do this for the rest of my life. The exercising no problem, but the diet change...I'm a little nervous I can't do it.

I guess I'm just going to have to wait to see what she says, and see what happens. I have a new motto about this and that is "You Get What You Give". If I give the effort to do this to succeed, then I can do it! Though if I fall or don't try, then well it's back to where I started. My family has been very supportive, and so has Jill. -But I bet I'm driving them all crazy.

So I never took like a before picture of this, but here's a picture of me before and then as of right now. Well at least my face. I notice for sure I have lost weight when I look at my face.

What do you think?


Sessions Family said...

Congrats, you look awesome! Keep up the hard work. Oh by the way, I've tried Zumba before and I agree it's quite fun. :)

Andrew said...

you're doing great Marie, good job. keep up the hard work, it pays off :) and keep us posted on the medical stuff :P