Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Changes

Howdy Y'all!
I hope all is going well with everyone! Things have been very busy and stressful for myself. School is crazy insane. I think I get on top of things, but then do bad on a quiz or lab in Chemistry. I hate it! All I want to do is pass and get closer to graduating. I'm worried about Physics, Genetics, and Chemistry. I hope I can pull this semester off. :S
I've also had some life changing things happen as well. I have decided along with my friend Jill, that I want to lose like 50lbs (she wants to lose like 30lbs or something). I want to be able to fit in those cute cowgirl wranglers and get those cowboy's attention. Lately I've been going to the doctor to talk about a few things.
Well after a doctors appointment after another each week and a blood test (4 vials worth...oh man I almost passed out on the nurse that morning, luckily she caught me) I've recently been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS. They aren't serious serious, but they are not fun and need to get under control.
What does this mean? Well... first off my body isn't using insulin correctly. It produces insulin but my cells reject it and the other energy from the food I eat. So that extra digested food goes to my waste, and results in fat build up. So my cells are starving, which results to my brain telling me to eat more. Due to this it's making me a "Carbohydrate addict". I need to cut down on my amount of Carbs. Right now I can't have rice, pasta, bread, and the worse one-potatoes!!! I can't live without my potatoes. Luckily I can still have these by very rarely and in small amounts. My diet has now changed to lean meats and veggies! It hasn't been easy one bit. I'm starting to eat more veggies that I never knew I liked, but it seems like a lot of stuff I know how to make or whatever has carbs. If any of you know great recipes for chicken and veggies, or have any suggestion I would love to hear them. Along with the diet change, I'm taking a medicine to help disguise the insulin so my cells will take in the food and energy they need which should result in me being more energetic and not as hungry.
The PCOS means that I'm producing an egg every month, but my body isn't releasing it. So it gets stuck and hard resulting in larger ovaries than usual. My female hormones also are at different levels, which they should be the same. For this one I need to lose weight (which my diet change should help) and I'm on the wonderful pill! The down side to this one is that it means complications when it comes to having kids later. I'm really bummed, but the Dr. said I'm young and there is a lot that can help me to try and have kids. She was telling me about a pill that actually has a high rate of twins- oh boy! I might be carrying twins later! Haha.
My Dr. said it's good that we're catching it when I'm so young, which means I can help keep it under control. It's not curable, but she says I have a mild case and we can easily do things about it.
So now my life is about exercise and diet- which really I guess is how every one's should be. This hasn't been as easy as I thought. In fact I'm frustrated with it. I was doing so well at first, but now I'm still at a consistent 8lbs lost. I want to lose more though. Like today I just looked at the mirror and felt fat. Ugh.
I know I can do this, it's just going to take time to get the results I want. :S


Rebel said...

Hey Marie,
Well- I can definitely say that I can relate. Gluten free diets are no fun either. Sorry to hear about the PCO's(?). And hey, don't worry about taking the pill- more often then not it helps to regulate ya so when it's time to get off it, you body can get back into the flow of things.

They have me on medication that has some agents that make up the 'abortion' pill & it scares me to death. I know how new medications can intimidate ya, but hang in there sister! You'll be fine.

And hey, cutting out carbs of my diet 2 years ago landed me 40 lb weight loss in like 3 months! Ya gotta be strict though! You'll do fine

Let me know if you need anything!


Sessions Family said...

Marie! :) I knew someone that had that. (At least I think that is what she had, can't remember, but it sounds similar) Anyways, diet and exercise is an awesome goal. Here is a site that has a bunch of healthy recipes and it even tells you the break down health wise.
Also if you want more info on foods and their nutritional value check out this site it is wonderful
Good luck! Let me know if that helps.