Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Update!! :)

Howdy from Flagstaff!!
Well here's a quick update before my big road trip! Yay! I'm going to go to General Conference with Dan and Jill for my first time ever! I've been dying to go to Conference ever since I got baptized, but never had the chance. Now I get to! YAY!!
I had my Docs appointment this past Wednesday, and she was very impressed! Turns out on their scale I've only lost 8lbs...which is probably really 9-10 cause I still had my layers of clothes on (its been cold) and other things. She was so proud and impressed with my weight loss. I got a "You Go Girl!" at the end of my appointment. Haha.
At this appointment we also established a weight goal. I asked her if there was a certain weight I should be shooting for, and she asked me what I thought. I said I would at least like to get down to 150lbs. She said that sounds good to her. I will never be able to be 100lbs (not that I wanted to be that small) but I can at least get smaller. It will probably take me a good year to get to 150lbs- I hope, but that is my goal and I want to do it.
Ever since I've felt like I've had more energy, and just feel healthier. Heck, a guy even sat by me today in Sunday School (wearing boots and wranglers- yeah I was a fan) and talked with me. It made me feel self-confident and pretty. I know that sounds so stupid, but for a guy to sit by me and talk to me, that does a lot.
Only down side to all this, is I will always have the risk factor of diabetes. I might not have it now, but if I don't follow this new life change I will. Which means in the long run I have to keep this diet my entire life. I'm kinda bummed. I mean what cowboy doesn't eat mashed potatoes with his steak? Or all the good country cooking that really I can't have now. I'm going to be a pretty pathetic cowgirl. Though my doctor rensured me I can cheat every once in awhile- just as long as its not more then eating correctly.
Today in Fast and Testimony Meeting a girl got up and said "Heavenly Father doesn't give us trials that we can't over come." I have to remember that Heavenly Father gave this to me for a purpose, and He's right there with me to help. He wouldn't give this to me if He knew I wasn't going to be able to handle it.
Let's see, that's pretty much all I got. Right now I need to focus on the school work for the week and try to run a few errands before Utah! When I return I'm sure I'll post bunch of pictures and stories. Wish us safety, luck, and for a good time!
Keep Holding On!

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Nick and Aubrey said...

Have fun at conference :) I still have never gone but have always wanted to. So enjoy it for me ;)

Congrats on the weight loss! My goal is to hit 160. Every body is different where their "perfect weight" is, but as long as you're healthy and fit, that's all that matters, right?

I was really high risk for diabetes too, and did a "diabetes diet" for two year and lost 50 lbs in that two years with diet and exercise. Sounds like you'll pass me up with that though. Which is really good :) I was insulin resistant which made it really hard for me to lose weight but REALLY easy to gain it. Which sucks. But it was all due to another medical issue that I have.

I wish you well on your road to being healthy... and when you get down about it... just keep thinking to yourself, it's all worth it in the end. You'll be able to have a healthy family that will eat like you do, and your kids will be even healthier because of it. That's what I do to keep myself motivated. It's my future kids :)